• TEGC Rocco

    I'm bored, so I figured I would just ramble on about how I went about recruiting my heroes. They are in no particular order.


    A long and very interesting story. I logged in and got him.

    Yet another long and intersting tale. After Iron Man, I got her for free.

    A very risky buy. He cost me 1 CP, and that was all I had at the time.

    I bought Black Cat for the Epic Boss in 2.3 to farm CP. I made back the 23 it cost fairly quickly.

    Cap was bought for no reason other than PvP. In his WW2 outfit, he is a great tank to have. Also decent against Human Torch and Blaster Dr. Strange.

    He was my first bruiser, and at only 23 CP, he is actually pretty good.

    The first hero I actually recruited, and I don't regret it. Cyke is actully a very good hero to have.


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  • TEGC Rocco

    I think we all know that we have a week (maybe less) after Spec Ops 5 ends until the next one comes out, so we should start to think about who we might need.

    This blog is nothing more than speculation and ideas of who may be coming up, this is by no means official. With that said, lets jump in.

    As seen in the past, the most recent heroes are always deploys, so that means we will almost definitley see Tigra, and probably see Deadpool, due to him having a set price now.

    We also will see heroes that not many like or use, and they will cost 33-90 CP, so we may see the following: 

    • Mr. Fantastic (33 CP, so unlikley, but we'll see)
    • Spider-Woman (A possibility, but due to her now having a Epic, we'll have to see)
    • Thing (Again, due to him costing 33 CP, …

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