Quick note: Alright, this is my first post, so it is a tad bare.

Moving on, I've decided to post my offensive team for PVP for my own reasons.


Punisher Dialogue 1

The muthafucking Punisher of assholes!

At the top, we have the Punisher, lvl 12 at the moment, but he shall be 13 soon, before it starts. Just need a bit more experience. Back on topic, as for boosting his stats, I've boosted them all to five bars naturally, not including PVP bonuses, including a couple Refined Chaotic Isos. As for his E-Iso, I have the 'Prepared' E-Iso, which adds the 'Real Combat' passive, which changes him to the counter-class of any attacker, which is the same as Mockingbird's 'Mock Combat' passive. And his A-Iso is the 'Upgraded' A-Iso for his lvl9 move, 'Battle Van, giving 'Fatal Fender' to it, which adds the following buffs, 'Brutal Strike' which prevents all ressurection effects, 'Exploits Corruption', which increases damage for almost all debuffs that Punisher has applied, and 'Exploit Attrition', which increases damage when the targets have Attrition debuffs on them.


Agent-Male 1 Generalist

Not how my agent looks, but it was the best I could find.

In the midle/front, I have the Agent (lvl 165 currently) standing for combat. I have equipped unto him the 'Generalist's Empowered Armor', boosting his stats to five bars all around. For his E-Iso, I have nothing at the moment, which I know is weak, but I am saving gold in order to get the Salve E-Iso. My gear is as follows:

Techno-Organic Endo Skeleton (lvl 157)

Scroll of Angolob (lvl 126)

Crooked Grin (lvl 155)

Mahayuga (lvl 145)


Taskmaster Dialogue

The Taskmaster(TM)

And finally, we have the Taskmaster, lvl 14. His stats are-same as all my leveled heroes) boosted to five bars. His two E-Isos are the 'Inspiring' E-Iso, which grants 'Moral Boost' to the team, and 'Cleansing' E-Iso, which grants Salve, removing one debuff each round. As for A-Iso, I have two at the moment, for his lvl2 abilities, I granted 'Powerful Bladed' A-Iso, increasing the damage output on four of six of the options. And for his lvl6 ability, I put the 'Powerful Ballistic' A-Iso, which increases the damage of all his moves except 'Battle Orders'.

Well, that sums it up. What do you think of it? I tried it in PVP Alpha, and my rating skyrocketed.

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