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  • Syntras

    My PVP Offensive Team

    September 8, 2014 by Syntras

    Quick note: Alright, this is my first post, so it is a tad bare.

    Moving on, I've decided to post my offensive team for PVP for my own reasons.


    At the top, we have the Punisher, lvl 12 at the moment, but he shall be 13 soon, before it starts. Just need a bit more experience. Back on topic, as for boosting his stats, I've boosted them all to five bars naturally, not including PVP bonuses, including a couple Refined Chaotic Isos. As for his E-Iso, I have the 'Prepared' E-Iso, which adds the 'Real Combat' passive, which changes him to the counter-class of any attacker, which is the same as Mockingbird's 'Mock Combat' passive. And his A-Iso is the 'Upgraded' A-Iso for his lvl9 move, 'Battle Van, giving 'Fatal Fender' to it, which adds the fol…

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