ARRRRRRRRRRGH 999,900 ON THE APOCALYPSE FIGHT. @#$%^&^%$#@!@#$%^%$#@

Still, lots better than my first try, where I barely eked out a win with two remaining team members. =P

I'm running with Deadpool and Cable; besides their good team-up bonus, the Flanked/Targeted synergy with Deadpool's attacks works really well. Just not *quite* good enough, apparently.

I did try and confirm the second time around that you can still get the Three Bird 15x bonus if you take one of the Horsemen out before you fight Apocalypse, so I'm assuming taking two out will help as well-- I'm planning on taking out Beast and Iceman so I don't have to deal with Hank's Nanoplague, Mind Control, & Paradise Lost effects and Bobby's ressurection (which I forgot about *again* in the heat of the moment, even after it triggering three times in a row the first time around).

Tomorrow, more Unstable ISO-8 and another shot at Iceman's alts. YOU WILL BE MINE, HORSEMAN OF DEATH ALTS.

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