Magneto was released not too long ago, and through him, Playdom introduced a new method of getting heroes. Lockboxes. Will the lockboxes continue? Will it only be available during spec ops? As to those questions, we can only guess. Playdom has been very variable in what they do with things they have released, and no one can be certain in what they will do about the lockboxes.

What do you think Playdom will do with the lockboxes?

The poll was created at 04:46 on February 7, 2013, and so far 4 people voted.

How to get the lockboxes

As of current, the only way to get Magneto is through the comic covers. The comic covers can only be obtained
Magnetic Lockbox x1
through lockboxes. It is my advice that you should open the lockboxes 10 by 10, and not one by one. The lockboxes can be obtained by boss roulettes, deploy missions and the lockbox side quest. The lockbox side quests will give you 88 magnetic lockboxes, thereby having enough for 8 comic covers. But be WARNED!! You can (and most probably will) obtain duplicate comic covers, which will grant (surprise, surprise) 10000 silver. If you are at a decent level, say 60~70, 10000 silver is worthless.To be able to achieve the 88 magnetic lockboxes from the side quest, you will need phoenix, nightcrawler, Beast, Tigra and Deadpool (411 CP).


Magneto Portrait Art
For me, Magneto is a BIG dissapointment. I mean, how long would it take to create his skills? His moves are already in the game. His 1st, 2nd and 3rd move are part of his villain skillset, and the fourth move is just a replica of Sue Storm's Force Cage. All they(Playdom) had to do was tweak the stamina a bit, put a cooldown in it, and there you have it! Magneto! Let's talk about his base stats. His stats are cool, he has one of the highest total stats in the game. Without ISO, he already has 3 bars in everything, and 4 in stamina, accuracy and evasion. His attacks are quite stamina intensive, especially the Graviton Well. But he also has a move that takes no stamina. Magneto is a tactician, which would mean extra turns. He's not a bad candidate for chaotic crystals. Another way could be to use proficient shards until his acc/eva is up to five bars, then robust all the way, whiach would mean ignoring Maggie's defence. Magneto's attacks aren't very powerful IMHO, but I can see potensial in his 1st and 3rd move.

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