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    My feelings about Magneto

    February 7, 2013 by Superplay

    Magneto was released not too long ago, and through him, Playdom introduced a new method of getting heroes. Lockboxes. Will the lockboxes continue? Will it only be available during spec ops? As to those questions, we can only guess. Playdom has been very variable in what they do with things they have released, and no one can be certain in what they will do about the lockboxes.

    As of current, the only way to get Magneto is through the comic covers. The comic covers can only be obtained through lockboxes. It is my advice that you should open the lockboxes 10 by 10, and not one by one. The lockboxes can be obtained by boss roulettes, deploy missions and the lockbox side quest. The lockbox side quests will give you 88 magnetic lockboxes, thereby …

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  • Superplay

    Spec ops 6

    February 6, 2013 by Superplay

    My problems on spec ops 6( not yours)

    1.As I have said before, I don't have all the heroes. For spec ops 6, I need deadpool and nightcrawler.IMO, both                heroes are quite useless, and i don't really feel like getting them.

    2. Unstable isotope-8. I am only on task 19, and i dont have a single UISO in my inventory. In Malaysia, gifts reset at 4pm. I am not worrying too much about this, because there is still time. As PKB puts it, there is no need to panic, for there is always time for that later.

    3. Laziness. I have been quite lazy to farm for CP in the past few days.4.4 seems like a bore to me already, 7.3 is just as boring, and in the case of 9.6, I have been playing that over and over again in the past month. HELP!

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