I, Superex, introduce you the PAE!!!

The..... Pvp Analyzer Experiment.

Conduct your this experiment by yourself! 

The PAE works at all agent levels! 

The test is divided into three parts


  • More than 10 challenge points.
  • A pencil
  • A paper
  • Internet connection

But why the tournament, why not just click on Practice and play for free? Well, a PVP team around your rating and higher than your agent level would be selected in the actual tournament, hence making it harder. Whereas when you click on Practice, you can select the agent you want to fight but the rating of those agents displayed are relatively low, so why not use challenge points.


Part 1

Fight as good as possible. But if you lose a match, note the following:-

  • Note down the opponent agent's class and gear by clicking on profile at the end of the battle.
  • Note down the two heroes by the opponent's agent.
  • Note down the class of the heroes.

You should note these points everytime you lose. Once you lose 10 times, stop playing and now you should have the notes of 10 teams who defeated you.

Part 2

Look at the notes. And write these points according to your notes:

  • The most common agent class.
  • The two most common classes.
  • The three most common agent gear. 
  • The two most common heroes.

Part 3

Now set the team accoding to the results. Set the agent gear, class, and everything else you can do to defeat the team according to the notes.


This is an example. I did this and my results were something else. This is just an example.

Part 1

Noted the information. Lost 10 teams and I have information on 10 teams.

Part 2 

  • Most common agent class turned out to be infiltrator.
  • The two most common classes turned out to be Blaster and Bruiser.
  • Synthetic Cube, Scroll of Angolob and Digital Decoy.
  • Rescue and Thundra.

Part 3

Now I take out Grey Suit Black Widow(tactician) so that she finish off the agent so that the agent does not use synthetic cube. But what if the agent is an infiltrator? I won't have to worry, Black Widow would have stealthy attacks hence bypassing the counters from Combat Reflexes. The agent uses Digital Decoy, so my agent uses the Scroll of Angolob. And my agent uses is equipped with a nerfed attilan set. I use it only to protect. I bring Shatterstar to finish off any "Rescues" that come. Now what if I see Thundra in the battle? She would only perform a follow up attack once against my agent because my agent would counter attack by applying Winded on Thundra. But who is killing Thundra? Black Widow! And now I would be winning PVP like a beast because I know what I "might" encounter. 


If you sit and moan that you don't have agent gear to defeat a team, earn it! Lots of awesome agent gear is now available these days, I don't mean weapons bought with gold.

You will have to run the PAE everytime you land in are promoted to a league.

Please feedback and suggestions in the comment part of this blog. 

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