I, Superex will tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of the free heroes. I will answer comments made which are sensible. If you have any problem with this blog, please tell me.

I will give heroes a rating out of 10.


"Ran out of targets sir!" -Hawkeye

He shoots an arrow and it hits the target,       --->O->-< and kills him. 

Hawkeye Dialogue 3

Run, if you can..



His passive, Master Marksman, makes all his attacks guaranteed to hit and his attacks are guranteed to crit against marked targets. This is good as you won't have to use Iso-8 to increase his accuracy. This allows him to even hit targets if he has BlindedDistractionDizzy or if the target has Agile. Against him, targets have zero evasion. His passive Rapid Fire gives Hawkeye a 50% chance to perform a follow-up attack against targets with Pinpoint Target. He can follow-up thrice in one turn. 

Sure Shot(lv1) deals low damage to a single target. It applies no debuff but it is guaranteed to hit. Arrow Volley(lv2)  is a low damage dealing area attack where no debuffs are applied but the attack is guaranteed to hit. Sounds boring, yeah I know. Trick Arrow(lv6) deals very low damage to a single target but it has a chance to stun the target. Nothing special yet, I agree. Pinpoint Target(lv9) applies the debuff Pinpoint Target and it is a quick action, which means the action grants an instant free turn. This is cool because now all his attacks are guaranteed to crit against that target on which Pinpoint Target has been applied and now he has a chance to perform a follow-up attack on that target. This is good enough but not cool... yet.

Get his tactician Heroic Age suit, which gives the passive Loaded Quiver. It gives Hawkeye arrows that applies random debuffs on an a single enemy or all enemies. His Avengers outfit is good too as it applies Avengers Assemble! on Hawkeye which gives Coordinated Attack to all allies which gives a chance to all allies to perform a follow up attack against an enemy when an ally attacks. It even gives Cooperative Defense to all allies if someone else has Avengers outfit(eg: Blackwidow, Iron Man,etc). Cooperative Defense gives a chance to all allies to attack an enemy when an ally is attacked. His suits are the only way he can be awesome(and Iso-8 too!)

Power Order: Lv9 > anything!

Strengths: He can hit targets with very high evasion even if blinded(eg: Daredevil), moderate health and stamina,                    very high accuracy and evasion.

Weakness: Low attack and low defense. (use Iso-8)

He is weak but if you buy his suit and buff up his attack, he'll be awesome. He is good in PVP, but only in his suit. 

Rating: Classic Hawkeye :- 4/10                  Heroic Age: 8/10            Avengers Hawkeye: 7/10

Black Widow

Black Widow Dialogue 3

I'd like to pull the zip a little down...

Black Widow is looks very weak in the game but she is very strong. Her passive Revenge Tactics applies Marked for Revenge on any enemy that attacks her. Marked for Revenge makes the target takes additional damage from all attacks. Martial Arts Combo(lv1) deals moderate damage to a target and applies Combo Setup to the enemy. Everyone knows what is combo setup so I am not explaining that. Widow's Bite(lv2) deals moderate damage to an enemy and applies Weakened, reducing attack by 25%. Flying Kick(lv6) is the one of the main reason to use her. It deals good damage and it removes all buffs from the target. I mean it removes Hulk Up from Hulk and other such stuff which is dangerous. Cool!             Widowmaker(lv9) applies targeted on an enemy and it is a quick action, maybe you'll say duh!, but it is cool because it gives Black Widow a chance to apply stun on her next attack. 

I recommend you to get her grey suits. I like the Tactician suit more than the Infiltrator one. I'm sorry but I've got no reason. But her infiltrator suit isn't bad. The tactician suit allows Black Widow to counter attacks and makes all of her attacks stealthy. Stealthy attacks are attacks which do not trigger counter or protect effects. This means she can remove buffs from an enemy even when there is a protector nearby. The infiltrator suit allows Black Widow to gain an extra turn after attacking an enemy who has Marked for Revenge. Now you may get the feeling that the tact. suit is better. She has an avengers uniform too! Yeah, Hawkeye has it too. It is available in infil. and tact. both. The suits are good in both classes.

Power Order: Lv1 > Lv9 > Lv6

Strengths: Useful for defeating enemies who rely on buffs, moderate stamina, good accuracy and high evasion.

Weakness: Low health, attack and defense(can be fixed with the help of Iso-8)

Overall, she is good but in order to be awesome, she does need Iso-8 and her tact. grey suit. It is her evasion that mainly keeps her alive but if Slowed is applied on her, she'll be vulnerable. 

Rating: Classic BW: 5/10           Grey suit BW: 9/10                Avengers: 6/10

Iron Man (Blaster) 

The visionary, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist, ladies man and the guy with a                                             

Iron Man Dialogue 4

How's the armor?

cool sense of humor and his collection of suits, Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron MAN!!!

His suit gives him Auto-Targeting Interface(it's a passive) which gives Iron Man a chance for his attacks to gain Targeting Assistance!!! WTF is that? It allows Iron Man's attacks for that turn to have 100% chance to hit and crit and that attack gains True Strike, meaning that the attack will ignore avoidance effects too! Cool passive, because of that suit! 

Repulsor Ray(lv1) deals moderate damage and applies Lock-On on the target, which mean the target takes additional damage from ranged attacks. Missile Barrage (lv2) deals low damage to all enemies and it applies Burning to enemies who are hit by the attack. Deflector Shield(lv6) makes a good shield around Iron Man and it is a quick action. It even prevents stun effects on Iron Man. Now that's a shield! Unibeam(lv9) deals moderate-good-high-cool-awesome-fantastic-epic damage. That's going to happen if you use Unibeam every round because unibeam deals moderate damage at first but the more you use it, the more powerful it becomes because it gives you a "thing" that increases Unibeam's power and that "thing" stacks, but if you don't use unibeam in a round, you lose that "thing" and you have to start your unibeam that gives moderate damage. That "thing" is called Unibeam Focus . This attack has deadly crits which means that this attack deals more damage if the attack is critical hit. This is good because of "Auto Targeting Assistance"(remember that passive of his?). So imagine it, 5x Unibeam Focus with Targeting Assistance = Someone's funeral.

I recommend you to get his tactician Mark 42 armor(the Iron Man 3 suit) as it gives Iron Man new passives and a whole new set of attacks. Get his tact. version because unibeam uses lots of stamina and he can recharge or can charge up his unibeam focus faster, if he gets an extra turn from a blaster and he won't lose Unibeam Focus(because he may have to recharge because he doesn't have enough stamina to use Unibeam). I won't be able to explain that whole set of his attacks. So go to his page and check it out. That suit is a limited edition suit. He has a suit(Iron Man MKV armor) which is not a limited edition suit and it applies a shield on Iron Man which prevents stun and it gives stamina to him. I recommend you to get the tact. version of that suit so that he can charge his unibeam faster with the help of extra turns from Blasters. When the shield is going to die, he'll nearly have 3x unibeam and full stamina. His avengers uniform is good too. It does what an avengers uniform does. You can take any class of his avengers uniform.

He has no specific power order

Strengths: Good attack, moderate defense,

Weakness: Low health(can be covered up by his shield or iso-8), low stamina(can be covered up by his suit or                         Iso-8), low accuracy(targeting assistance and Iso-8) and low evasion(iso-8)

Overall, he is moderate but if you get his suit from Iron Man III, he'll rock in PVE and PVP. He is useful in fights with 3 waves in which the 3rd wave sits a boss. This is for the low level players, you should get his suit which gives stamina to Iron Man(tact. version) as it will help you in PVP.

Rating: The original one:5/10           Avengers: 6/10          Iron Man III: 9/10            The shield suit: 8/10

For Isotope guides, do not ask me. PKB made an excellent guide.

My blog on 15cp heroes:

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