I, Superex, will tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of the 15cp heroes. I will answer comments made which are sensible. If you have any problem with this blog, please contact me.

I will give each hero a rating out of 5.

Now, I'll start with Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel Dialogue 1 Right

Ms. Marvel (ain't I strong?)

Ms. Marvel cannot apply debuffs on an enemy, but still she can do a heck of a damage because her attack is very high(really very high). Her attacks are simple. She can take reduced damage from energy attacks and recieves 20% Stamina. If you switch on Absorb Power, she heals from energy attacks too, though it depends on the type of energy, eg:- Magic energy does not heal her. After activating Absorb energy, she also deals extra damage with Photon Blast(lv1) and Brawl(lv6). She can take two turns with the help of Kree Speed(lv2). She is useful against many bosses who use energy attacks. 

I recommend you to get her uniform, which gives her 25% chance to dodge attacks and then gain an extra turn if the attack is dodged. This helps her to cover up her evasion because her evasion is low. The suits are available in two classes, Bruiser and Blaster. 

Power Order: Lv.9 > Lv. 2 > Lv. 1 & 3(because of Kree Speed)    - This applies if she has a good amount of                                                                                                            Stamina                                                                                         Or                                                                                                                                                         Lv.2 > Lv.3 & Lv. 1(because of Kree Speed)           - This applies if she has some Stamina problems                                                                                                                                                              

Strengths :- Very high attack, useful against energy attackers, good amount of health, moderate defence 

Weaknesses :- Low evasion(can be covered up by her suit or Iso-8) and low stamina(can be covered up by her                              Passive or Iso-8) and not strong enough against attackers who do not use energy attackers and                            have high defense and health(eg: Capt. America).

She is suitable in PVP at lower levels, when you buy her new clothes. She is strong offensively but weak defensively. 

My rating : 2/5 in her simple uni and 3.5/5 in her other uniform.

Cyclops (Tactician)

Cyclops Dialogue 1

Cyclops (how's my glasses eh?)

Cyclops was one of the best tactian of the game, until his latest update, which changed Evasive Manuevers. I will talk about the present, not the past. Cyclops has a passive which boosts his allies' stats when an ally is attacked, though it raises all the stats a little. Optic Blast(lv1) is awesome, it makes your team a scrapper against a single enemy, which means it applies Flanked and the attack has Deadly crits , which means the attacks deals extra damage on crits. His lv2, Exploit Weakness, applies an effect according to the class(eg: off balance on infils and exhausted on tacts, etc), which people say is an improved version of Generalized but I think both are good depending on the class. eg: it applies winded on a scrapper but true strike still stays there(generalized is better here), in Bruisers it applies Neutralized which unallows stat increasing effects which is good on characters like Capt. Britain but Generalized can't remove Roar of Valor. His lv.2 also applies Weak Point on an enemy, making the next attack on the enemy a guaranteed hit and crit. This pairs up with his lv1 because Optic Blast has Deadly crits.                                                                 His famous power, Evasive Manuever(lv6) is a quick action and it allows all allies and Cyclops to counter the next single-target and area attack both! And it gives Agile to all allies and Cyclops, which is good as Cyke's evasion is poor. His last attack, Mega Optic Blast does not deal mega damage and it is an area attack. It has deadly crits, but... but it applies Incapacitation to each and every enemy. Incapacitation gives a chance to the enemy to lose a turn, somewhat like Stun. Overall, he is good.

I recommend you to get the tactician version of  Pheonix 5. It gives a chance to make all allies' attack ignore defense and be guarantee hits and crits. Cool, right? And if possible unlock his Uncanny suit, which gives a chance to allies of getting an extra turn after attacking and a chance to survive lethal hits. Even cool, eh?

Power Order: Lv.6 > Lv. 9 > Lv. 1 > Lv. 2     or    Lv. 6 > Anything!

Stengths :- Nice power set, Moderate attack, health and defense, high accuracy.

Weakness :- Low evasion(his agile covers up his evasion) and weak against tanks

He was good for PVP, but not much now. If you get his P5 suit, maybe he will rock.

My rating: 3/5 in his simple uni. and 4.5/5 and 4/5 in Uncanny and P5 respectively.   

Invisible Woman (Infiltrator)

Invisible Woman Dialogue 2

Invisible Woman (belongs to Reed)

Invisble Woman's main power is to be invisible, hence giving her the name, Invisible Woman. Though in the game, invisibility has been shown as a passive, and it lasts for two turns. The passive gives her a chance to dodge attacks and gain a bonus to accuracy on the next attack. This accuracy bonus is good becuase her lv1 and lv3 have deadly crits. Her lv1 and lv6, Force Spheres and Force Volley respectively, are stealthy attacks. This makes her useful at places the opponent can counter, sadly, she is an infiltrator and mostly scrappers have counters. This is my suggestion, get her Blaster outfit, as if she faces a bruiser, her attack would get high crits, and her attacks have deadly crits plus a stealthy attack, boom! I will talk about the outfit afterwards. Her lv2, Force Field, builds a poor shield on all allies, so I recommend it will simply waste a turn unless you desperately need it. Her lv9 power is a subtle debuff, which is applied on a single enemy, and what it does it that it unallows the target to counter and protect. It even unallows the target to make an offensive action. All the target can do is that they can use subtle or defensive powers and recharge. But her lv9 needs to be used on the correct type of person as the target cannot hit nor can he be hit, yes, he would become immune to attacks(except subtle attacks). eg:- If it is used on a person like Wolverine, Human Torch, Rescue, etc, they can heal themselves. But on the other hand, if used on Hercules, Capt. America, etc. this power is useful. The main point of this power is to make a battle 3 vs. 2. Overall, she is moderate but awesome in her suit. Now about the suit-

I recommend you to get her Blaster FF suit due to the reasons I have explained above and her stealthy attacks would prove uselss as most counter attackers are scrappers, so I choose Blaster over Infiltrator. Her suit mainly allows her to create a shield before being attacked. This is good as this covers up her low defense and it acts like additional health. I mean that for me a shield acts like an amount of extra health. I'm not finished kid, this ability to create shields before being attacked is given to all allies by IW as long as she is alive. If you have another FF member, the attack and accuracy of all allies are permanantly increased on the fourth round, this helps IW to increase her chances of getting a crit. even in the absence of Bruisers and once more, Deadly crits and High Crits, Boom!

And forgot to mention about something, IW has two counters when under combat reflexes. She makes a shield(lv2) on all allies if there is no shield on all allies. If there is a shield on all allies, she uses her lv1. 

You can use her attacks in any order.

Strengths: Strong against teams with counters and protects(eg:- Hercules, attilan set). Moderate accuracy,                           evasion and stamina.

Weakness: Low health(can be covered up by her shield and iso-8) and low attack(can be covered up by iso-8).

She is good for PVP at lower levels if she is equipped with her blaster suit. 

My rating is 3/5 to her original and 3.5/5 to her FF uniform.

Iron Fist(Scrapper)

The Iron Fist... BoOM! yeah, that's what happens if you use his lv2 on a person with combo setup and the attack crits. Iron Fist has a cool passive which gives him a chance to block follow up attacks and counter attacks and
Heroic Age Iron Fist Portrait Art


counter those two. Sounds cool, to counter a counter! But this does not occur often. Now I'll start with his lv1, Cheein Foo Wang Ding Dong, nah, just kidding, it is Kun Lun Combo which applies Cornered and Combo Setup, Cornered removes and prevents protect effects, and combo setup, you know it! The Iron Fist(lv2) deals extra damage to targets with combo setup, and has deadly crits, and if it is a crit....His lv6, Healing Chi gives lots of health to an ally, and removes buffs from the target too. It gives stamina to all allies too. This makes him one of the most powerful healers in the game. His lv9, Heart of Shou Lao, is a buff which is applied on IF. It increases his stats and is a quick action. It is tenacious, which means this can be use while stunned.

I recommend you to get his suit, which makes him immune to magical debuffs(soulfire, dark void, etc) and allows Iron Fist to take reduced damage from magic attacks. Heary of Shou Lao unlocks hiddens potential, which means after 3 rounds he can unlock hidden potential. The attacks in hidden potential, are very strong and awesome! But you have to master Chp 1 of S2, for which you require 1509 command points! But his suit is worth it! I recommend you to equip his bruiser one, as an enraged IF+Heart of Shou Lao+ Combo Setup = Enemy pees in his pants  

You can use his powers anyhow but you should use his lv1 before his lv9. 

Strengths: Very powerful heal and good attacks. Useful for debuff removal. Moderate stats(except defense) and                       good evasion

Weakness: Low defense(can be fixed with iso-8).

Overall, he is good for PVP at low levels but if equipped with that suit of his, he is rocking at any agent level. 

Rating: 3.5/5 in his original and 5/5 in his suit.


She-Hulk Dialogue 1

Whaddya lookin' at?

She-Hulk, sister of Hulk, sadly has no passives on her. Not even She Hulk Up! She is a bruiser who plays like a scrapper and many players have said it. She does not have a unique ability, she is a simple bruiser and has no stat increasing or damage reduction ability. She doesn't look pretty too, now don't tell Hulk that I said that, pls. Her first attack deals moderate damage and does not apply a buff on She Hulk nor does it apply a debuff on an enemy. Her second power, Burst of Speed is a quick action which is somewhat like Kree Speed(Ms. Marvel and Rogue) but in Kree Speed, the extra turn is given in the next round but here, Burst of Speed grants She Hulk two actions for free instantly! Motion Granite(lv6) is an attack which deals good damage to an enemy, and has 60% chance to stun an enemy. Her lv9, Stomp, is good if the target is stunned as the attack exploits stun, dealing extra damage to stunned targets and the base damage is good too.

Power Order: lv 2 > lv 6 & lv9(this happens in a single round)

Strengths: Good health and attack, moderate defense

Weakness: Low stamina, accuracy and evasion(all of these can be fixed by isotope 8)

Overall, she is bad. She is good for defense  in PVP at lower levels if blasters are not seen often. The AI handles She Hulk quite well.

My rating: 2/5 

For Isotope guides, do not ask me. PKB made an excellent blog on isotope 8.

My blog on the free heroes:

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