You know me? Okay, so you don't? Well, I am Superex.

I shall write a review and say something about M:AA and criticize the game too.

M:AA review of December, 2013    - Superex

The month of December was quite good. Doom, Nico Minoru, Moonstone, Power Armor sales, Uncanny sale and PVP. Whew! My personal experience in M:AA was very good this month. Players were surprised to find out that Spec Ops' and PVP's time period is more than usual. 

Special Operations - Game On is one of the best things ever happened in M:AA. Letting the players to choose between the Villains' side or the Heroes' side is really a good thing Playdom did. It is good that players who do not own Lockbox heroes get to play a Lockbox hero as a team-up when playing in the Villains' side. The story is good too. 

With the release of this Special Operations, the infinite loading problem arised. People complained about the fact that Playdom does not pay enough attention towards the old bugs and they are releasing new content within the blink of the eye. Playdom needs to concentrate in fixing the old software rather than releasing new content.

Moonstone is the Lockbox hero released together with Special Operations. A player can get her lockboxes by completing a few tasks or defeating Arcade, the group boss. She is a good hero overall.

In this PVP season, the reward, Agent Venom, is one of those heroes whom players have been asking for a long time. His moveset is not bad, and people are happy! What's more? You get one Command Point for each victory(the first five battles only). Players can get 150 Command Points in 30 days from PVP. Cool!

Sadly, no bugs were fixed in the update. 

DOOM. The release of Doctor Doom is a good thing too. His abilities were hidden at first and then revealed later. He is the most strong hero ever to be released in M:AA, said by many players and the Playdom staff too. The  method of earning his Lockboxes, Impending Lockboxes, is different because players have to complete a single task given daily which on completion gives 5 Lockboxes. Lockboxes could be gained from the daily reward(2,5,10). At first those Lockboxes were not available for purchase but were put in the store for purchase later. The surprising bit here is that nobody was allowed to open those Lockboxes until 25th December, which was Christmas. Some got Doctor Doom whereas others did not get Doom. 

To be continued....




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