I am Superex, and I am writing this diary about my play on Marvel Avengers Alliance. Note: This is not my User Profile. It is a diary.

My heroes. (updated daily)

Heroes Recruited
A-Bomb Icon 1 Adam Warlock Icon 1 Agent Venom Icon 1 Amazing Spider-Woman Icon 1 Lv08Angel Icon 1 Angela Icon 1 Ant-Man Icon 1 Anti-Venom Icon 1 Ares Icon 1 Avalanche Icon 1 Baron Mordo Icon 1 Beast Icon 1
Beetle Icon 1 Beta Ray Bill Icon 1 Bishop Icon 1 Black Bolt Icon 1 Lv02Black Cat Icon 1 Black Knight Icon 1 Black Panther Icon 1 Lv10Black Widow Icon 2 Blade Icon 1 Blizzard Icon 1 Blue Marvel Icon 1 Boomerang Icon 1
Cable Icon 1 Cammi Icon 1 Cannonball Icon 1 Lv09Captain America Icon 1 Lv09Captain Britain Icon 1 Chase Stein Icon 1 Cloak and Dagger Icon 1 Colleen Wing Icon 1 Lv09Colossus Icon 1 Constrictor Icon 1 Crystal Icon 1 Lv04Cyclops Icon 1
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 1 Lv09Daredevil Icon 1 Deadpool Icon 1 Death Locket Icon 1 Deathlok Icon 1 Destroyer Icon 1 Doctor Doom Icon 1 Doctor Voodoo Icon 1 Domino Icon 1 Lv06Dr. Strange Icon 1 Drax Icon 1 Electro Icon 1
Elektra Icon 1 Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1 Emma Frost Icon 1 Enchantress Icon 1 Faiza Hussain Icon 1 Falcon Icon 1 Fandral Icon 1 Fantomex Icon 1 Fixer Icon 1 Lv07Gambit Icon 1 Gamora Icon 1 Ghost Rider Icon 1
Gorgon Icon 1 Groot Icon 1 Hank Pym Icon 1 Havok Icon 1 Lv10Hawkeye Icon 2 Heimdall Icon 1 Hellcat Icon 1 Hercules Icon 1 Hogun Icon 1 Howard the Duck Icon 1 Hulk Icon 1 Lv11Human Torch Icon 2
Hybrid Icon 1 Hyperion Icon 1 Iceman Icon 1 Lv07Invisible Woman Icon 1 Lv07Iron Fist Icon 1 Lv10Iron Man Icon 4 Jessica Jones Icon 1 Juggernaut Icon 1 Ka-Zar Icon 1 Kamala Khan Icon 1 Kang Icon 1 Karnak Icon 1
Karolina Dean Icon 1 Kate Bishop Icon 1 Lv01Kitty Pryde Icon 1 Knight America Icon 1 Kraven Icon 1 Lizard Icon 1 Loki Icon 1 Lv05Luke Cage Icon 1 Magik Icon 1 Magneto Icon 1 Mantis Icon 1 Medusa Icon 1
Misty Knight Icon 1 Mockingbird Icon 1 Molly Hayes Icon 1 Moon Knight Icon 1 Moondragon Icon 1 Moonstone Icon 1 Morbius Icon 1 Lv07Mr. Fantastic Icon 1 Lv04Ms. Marvel Icon 1 Nico Minoru Icon 1 Nightcrawler Icon 1 Nova Icon 1
Omega Sentinel Icon 1 Phoenix Icon 1 Phyla-Vell Icon 1 Psylocke Icon 1 Lv10Punisher Icon 1 Quake Icon 1 Lv09Quicksilver Icon 2 Red Hulk Icon 1 Red She-Hulk Icon 1 Rescue Icon 1 Richard Rider Icon 1 Rocket Raccoon Icon 1
Lv05Rogue Icon 1 Ronan Icon 1 Sabretooth Icon 1 Sandman Icon 1 Satana Icon 1 Lv09Scarlet Witch Icon 1 Shanna Icon 1 Shatterstar Icon 1 Lv07She-Hulk Icon 1 Shocker Icon 1 Sif Icon 1 Silk Icon 1
Songbird Icon 1 Spider-Girl Icon 1 Spider-Gwen Icon 1 Spider-Man Icon 1 Spider-Man 2099 Icon 1 Spider-Man Noir Icon 1 Lv01Spider-Woman Icon 1 Spiral Icon 1 Spitfire Icon 1 Lv09Squirrel Girl Icon 1 Star-Lord Icon 1 Lv10Storm Icon 1
Sunfire Icon 1 Superior Spider-Man Icon 1 Taskmaster Icon 1 Lv10Thane Icon 1 Thing Icon 1 Lv06Thor Icon 1 Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1 Thundra Icon 1 Tigra Icon 1 Ultimate Spider-Man Icon 1 Union Jack Icon 1 Valkyrie Icon 1
Victor Mancha Icon 1 Vision Icon 1 Volstagg Icon 1 War Machine Icon 1 Wasp Icon 1 White Tiger Icon 1 Winter Soldier Icon 1 Lv10Wolverine Icon 1 Wonder Man Icon 1 X-23 Icon 1

December 2, 2013

Got a Full Energy pack from daily reward. Storm's training is complete, she is lv.10.

I am ran 12.2 once, no cp! Going to try run it once more soon. I am low on silver because of the Reactive Iso-8 research. It is too expensive.

Still in gold league, I forgot to set QS and Scarlet Witch for my defense team. I'll try definetely do set it tonight. I had set Black Widow(grey suit, tact) and Capt. Britain. 

Playing PVP, just won a PVP fight easily. Black Widow just two-shot a Scarlet Witch!

Sh**! I was waiting for my next battle to load and my internet connection just got diconnected.  :(

After reloading, and after five minutes, I clicked on PVP, guess what? Got 14+ rating! :)

The game is stuck at 99% loading.

I am thinking if anyone is reading this or not.

My opponents are WWHulk Bruiser + Modern Strange and tact. agent. Agent died out, but QS and BW survived. And I won too! 

I put a new battle to load.... Stuck at 99%...

I plan to bring Storm to my PVP team soon.  

My opponents are OS and Scarlet Witch. QS will take care of the agent while BW will deal with OS and agent vs. Scarlet Witch. Don't underestimate the power of a common agent! (Chennai Express! )

QS defeated SW in the 4th round and died while OS died in the 2nd round because of BW. BW gained Po4 and died of Burnt Out. My agent finished off the enemy agent quickly. Hence I won!

I am excited, I have a CHANCE to get Sabretooth(grrrr!) today because I only need one cover to get him. I need the third cover to get him. 

Okay, this battle looks easy. Inf. agent, Heroic Hawkeye and Human Torch. After QS's two turns and HT's turn, Hawkeye and the inf. agent are in a dying state. My whole team is alive and I finished off the enemy team within two rounds. hehe...

Just reloaded the page because I was losing against Ares, WW Hulk Scrapper and Agent.

Woohoo! I have not lost my rating!

Something is weird, I was at top 20% before three battles and now I am at 18%! Weird.

Just fought Valkyrie, WWII America tact and Agent with a gear that applies Self Sacrifice to the agent. I won!

I own 10 Fanged LB. I am opening those 10 LB together...

Got a dupe.. But I got 3cp. Which means that now I have 29cp. My next guaranteed cover will come in 5 more dupes.


December 1, 2013

I started writing this blog/diary. I am Lv. 130. I presently have 18 gold and 22 command points. I am saving gold for the next spec ops. I am in gold league and I am thinking of a good defense team for PVP. I plan to set Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch today. I left farming CP today from Chapter 12 and I am working on Season 2, Chapter 3. I am having fun using Magik. I am in the 3rd task of Chapter 3. But as soon as I reach the 8th task, I will farm CP in Chapter 12. 

I got 1 CP from 2.3.1.

I discovered that QS is useful for 12.2.

I plan to farm CP till I get 300cp for the next Spec Ops and if I don't get that cp, I will use gold.

The next Spec Ops hero will be my first Spec Ops hero I will achieve. From then, I plan to get each and every Spec Ops I encounter. I am finishing my day by standing at top 17% today. Today I earned 1 cp, hence I have 23 cp. I could not earn a great amount of CP as I planned to, because of a few unexpected things that cut my playtime of M:AA. I am still at Lv. 130. 

I replaced my agent gear, Attilan set and Flashing Eye with Chakra Strike, Sudden Support, Advanced Idea and Mutagen Emitter in PVP. I have been winning 60% of the battles in PVP/

Today I trained Thor to Lv. 6.

I used Quicksilver green suit with his Empowered Iso-8 on my offensive. Worked out nicely! I defeated a simple Hulk and tact. Iron Man Mark 42(Iron Man 3 suit) with this team. The last blow that defeated Hulk was given by QS. And it was an overkill. Amazing! Isn't it?

Going to put the same QS with Scarlet Witch on my defensive team.

I did get my 7th Sabretooth cover and I earned 5 LB and other than that, nothing special happened today for me.

Put a plane for a lv.4 upgrade, need two more allies to accept the staffing request. 

I sent my heroes on the flight deck and put Storm for her Lv. 10 training. I have planned to boost my attack and accuracy as much as possible, to power QS for PVP. 

I played 12.2 and fought the BOSS, got a molotov, but my agent level up and now I have 20 gold and I am lv.131. Quicksilver is ready for lv. 10, but Storm is currently being trained.

Just got 3 cp from the EPIC BOSS of 12.2, Viper. I scored 62,000 in that. So, today, I earned a total amount of 4 CP. It is quite low, but I am happy with what I gained. 

Wish you all good luck farming CP!

--End of 1 December, 2013--

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