These are a few tips on defeating Kurse(group boss). Most of these details have arrived from this thread:

Blaster Kurse

  • P5 Tactician Cyclops and heroic age tact. Hawkeye are good here. Place Flanked on Kurse and use Hawkeye to apply debuffs on him. If you have the Vigilante Toolkit, use the claws and deal a massive amount of damage. 
  • Iron Man III(tact.) and Ghost Rider are awesome here. The team can reduce Kurse's health by 25%.
  • The agent(tact.) Bring along Thane and Elektra for the goons (and for Elektra's ability to bleed them all dry; her L6 bleeds them all out).
  • P5 Tactician Cyclops with Iron Man MK5(tactician). Agent equipped with a weapon that causes Radiation Exposure, Viligante Toolkit and Xanthine Alkaloid Injector. Cyclops should apply Flanked on Kurse while Iron Man uses his unibeam twice every round (tactical manuevers). His shield should give him stamina to use his Unibeam. As Unibeam charges, the damage increases and he gains Flames of Destruction. At the end of round 3, IronMan should have 5 or 6 unibeam focus and his attacks would have a chance to get his attacks guaranteed to hitand crit + his attacks would ignore defense, Unibeam has deadly crits, so now if Iron Man attacks, the attack would be devastating.

Bruiser Kurse

  • Iron Patriot(any class), Iron Man III suit(blaster) and agent(blaster) equipped with Vigilante ToolkitWatcher of AttilanNanite Inductive Nailgun and Synthetic Cube. IP starts the battle with Minigun Barrage and then Iron Man uses Missile Bombardment and the agent used Vigilante Toolkit to apply debuffs on Kurse. After that, IP uses Repulsor Ray to apply Target Focus and Lock-On and Iron Man uses Heartbreaker Unibeam to deal serious damage. IP and Iron Man does the same in the next round and the agent uses Improbability Field from the cube to apply debuffs on Kurse. The Vigilante Toolkit's protect makes sure that IP and Iron Man recieve less damage. On the fourth round IP and Iron Man do the same what they did before and deal lots of damage and the Agent uses Atom Smasher from the cube. The team dealed reduced Kurse's health by 78%. 
  • Against Bruiser Kurse, Rogue+Cable are awesome. Let Cable give Rogue more extra turns and then put Flanked on Kurse, then have Rogue go Kree Speed, steal his class, then start hitting him with Brawl, stacking enraged, getting follow-ups and extra turns a plenty. The agent just sits back using the Synthetic Cube.
  • MK5 Iron Man(blaster), Cable with Blaster and Agent with Xanthine Alkaloid Injector. Iron Man charges his unibeam and he gets stamina from the shield. If the shield is removed the agent can use XAI to fill up Iron Man's stamina for his unibeam. Cable grants Iron Man extra turns so that he can charge his unibeam as fast as possible. Kurse recieved lots of damage mainly because of Iron Man.
  • P5/Uncanny Cyclops(Blaster) and Cable are a good team against Kurse.

Scrapper Kurse

  • If you get Flanked on him somehow, and use Capt. Britain on Kurse and apply Curse of the Otherworld and use Britannic on Kurse. The whole thing would reduce Kurse's health by 60%. 
  • Uncanny Cyclops(tactician) and WWHulk(bruiser) and agent equipped with Synthetic CubeShepherd's Staff  and a couple of counter attacking weapons. Agent uses Shepherd's staff so that in the next round, Cyclops and Hulk would gain an extra turn. Cyclops applies Flanked on Kurse while Hulk gets Enraged and uses Rage Punch and performs a follow up attack with Rage Punch(because of Flanked). So Hulk has 3 Hulk Ups and Enraged. Cyclops puts Flanked on Kurse again and Hulk uses Hulk Smash and performs a follow up attack with Rage Punch. Hulk gets 5 Hulk Ups plus Enraged plus War Frenzy and then attacks Kurse and with Hulk Smash(extra turn). The team dealt a huge amount of damage to Hulk.
  • P5 Cyclops(tactician) + Capt. Britain, Juggernaut, Hulk, Wonderman are awesome.
  • WWHulk with Cable is a good team too.

Infiltrator Kurse

  • Ghost Rider, Magik and agent(Blaster or generalist) equipped with Vigilante ToolkitSynthetic CubeTwisted Gift and Mystic. The team dealed a lot of damage and reduced Kurse's health by 30%. 
  • Agent(Blaster Power Armor) with Vigilante ToolkitMystic, Synthetic Cube and Savant's Spear with Deadpool and Wolverine. Deadpool's lv9 alone reduces Kurse's health by 75%. Wolverine uses his Lv.6 and performs a follow up attack by applying two stacks of Bleeding + Ravaged. And then Wolverine used his lv2 to deal more damage. The team dealt unknown damage but the damage was huge.
  • Deadpool and Ghost Rider deal lots of damage to Kurse.
  • Shatterstar and Wolverine are a good team. Scrapper Aegis Armor with Viligante Toolkit with some slashing  weapon. The team reduced Kurse's health by 40%.

Tactician Kurse

  • Wolverine(infiltrator), Elektra applies Bleeding and Internal Bleeding respectively with Ravaged. Agent(Bruiser or gen) equipped with Damage Amplifier, Synthetic CubeScroll of Angolob and Warbringer Axe. This team dealt a huge amount of damage and reduced Kurse's health by 50%.
  • Swashbucker Night Crawler and Capt. Britain are effective here. 
  • Gambit with his Empowered Iso-8 and Elektra are a good team too.
  • Black Widow(better if in her grey suit) and Satana are a good team too. This team reduced Kurse's health by 70%.
  • Elektra and Sif with a tactician agent, who uses the Vigilante toolkit. Elektra does the most damage, especially when Kurse is below 30% and she can use her L9. She always opens with her L6, causing everyone to bleed and Hobbling the goons so they cannot launch Stealthy attacks -- therefore opening themselves up to counters. The agent and Elektra tear into Kurse (with her L2 she Flanks him, allowing for double attacks) and counter-attack the goons. One of the goons almost always becomes an inf in response to the tac agent, and Sif handles him and hopefully the other goon as well. In both instances the team got rid of the goons fairly quickly and did damage to Kurse without losing anyone. Once the goons are gone, Sif's L2 and L9 add nice debuffs to him, worsening his already-bad situation.

Other Points

  • A combo of Power of FourGalvanic ArmElectrostatic Arm and Arc Reactor Charge with Angel/Cable is a killer against Kurse. But to make it work at its peak efficiency, you'll need Emma/White Iron Fist. 
  • Using Improbabilty Field to apply debuffs on Kurse and then using Atom Smasher deals lot of damage.   (both are a part of Synthetic Cube)
  • If your agent has stamina problems, use Iron Fist or Emma Frost.
  • Your heroes and you should focus on accuracy because Kurse has a good amount of evasion.
  • Loki's Sceptre and Seduction very useful against Kurse.
  • Disoriented and  Mind Control effects occur often in a battle with Kurse.
  • Agent with VigilanteToolkit, SyntheticCube, Warbringer Axe and Girl's Best Friend can be used in almost every class of Kurse.
  • The Elves die quick to counters, so use a counter-attacking weapon here. This would help you to concetrate on defeating Kurse.
  • P5 Cyclops(tactician) is useful against all  classes of Kurse(except infiltrator) because he gives his allies the bonus of Blasters.

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