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Obviously, by looking at the title, you can see that this a blog on defeating Arcade. These are a few tips given by players.



"Well, I manage to deal 25% damage against Blaster arcade, i used cable, Rulk and tact agent. but he is kinda strong 

my agent is 297, slingcannon, warsplitter axe, vigilante toolkit, chaoshot MG."


For mine (L300 me) a blaster Arcade, I went Tactician Agent with Coulson, Mystic, Syn Cube and Neurotrope, with Tactician Trickshot Hawkeye and Deadpool. The agent setup is basically what my agent wears for PVE all the time anyway. I didn't want to kill my Arcade, so I didn't get more aggressive.

Arcade is the first GB in a while who can do a debuff removal on himself, which set this one back a bit, as DP was all setup for a massively exploitive L9, when Arcade removed his buffs in the third round. I despaired, but went forward anyway, with Hawkeye hitting him with a couple debuffs and Deadpool doing the L6 again. In the final round, with my last lick, I skipped Hawkeye's turn and applied a fairly large (50K/hit x3 hit) Deadpool L9. Worked out to about 65% of total health in the fight, with the large majority of that being done on Deadpool's last lick."


"lvl274. against blaster arcade...

Generalist agent(HMace, Cube, void shield and MK3), iron patriot(tact) anda havok... 

95% to 60%"


"Lv. 270

Tried using Iron Man MK42 (all time using Unibeam) ,P5 cyclops and scrap Agent (aegis) with SC, void generator and laser spotter against blaster Arcade. I overkilled him starting at 80% health ( may kill him in full health)."



"Bruiser Arcade, damage done 6%... with agent died because of Scarlet's Power of Four... and Arcade that dodget almost 70% of my attacks.

  • Aegis Blaster Agent lvl 173
    • Golden Screaming Eagle
    • The Freezer
    • Nanite Inductive Nailgun
    • Sudden Support
  • Scarlet Witch lvl 10
  • Doctor Strange blaster alt. lvl 9"


"Well i used Blaster unncany Cyclops and Thane against Bruiser Arcade and i made 10% damage , but because he appeared* with that health(killed him in the start of 2 turn) in last ally map, so i dont know if it is a good team. Agent lvl 252 Sheppard's, Vigilante's T.,Signpost and Synthetic cube."

User:LordRemiem "Tried Hercules + Heimdall against Bruiser Arcade. Use Gjallarhorn and Herc could even win all by himself. Just spam his lvl6 (stamina won't be a problem thanks to Likes It Rough) and Arcade will lose almost 3% of his health per hit."



"Rushed into the battle with whatever I had on at the time (what an idiot) and L10 Black Knight and L9 Sabretooth. I'm level 164 with Blaster Aegis and Golden Enfield, Syn cube, Damage Amplifier, and (outleveled) Crooked Grin. We managed to do 15% (I didn't know he would wipe away Improbability Field >_<).

Oh yeah, and it was Scrapper Arcade."



"Level 152

Infil Arcade

Reduced by 30% using Wolverine, Sabertooth, Scroll of Anglob, Spirit Edge Scrapper Agent."



"LVL 250. Same strategy used with Kurse. I fought only with the Tact.

Agent Generalist (Vigilante TK, SCube, PoF, ARC); Deadpool, Cable.

Cake is a Lie block most buff the first 2 round. So, i debuff Arcade with the last 2 move of VTK. The rest is keep DP alive for using his L9 after the agent (defender move help with it), who use ARC, POF, Prob Field, Atom Smasher and two Ada Claws. With this I managed to keep Arcade from 100% to 30%.

EDIT: Fought the Bruiser on a friend map too. Same configuraction but due to the bad turnaction, he lost only the 50% of health."

Random Stuff


"Spiral's L2 shuts down a lot of Arcade's skills. Something to keep in mind.

On the one ally Arcade I got today, (I'm still L300), I went with my standard agent kit (with Inf PA), Spiral and Mr. Pool. This Arcade was down <10%, so even though he did The Cake is a Lie and locked out buff/heals for the first round, I was able to crank him by shutting down his abilities with Spiral, Deadpool's bleeds and Buff Blocker, and counters. Down in the second round, but as I said, he started mostly dead."


"I just want to sort the different class passives of Arcade, and give some advices :

Bruiser Arcade : Star Power => you need to use heroes that don't use energy attacks. Actually almost every blaster uses energy...

I suggest not using any blaster against the bruiser Arcade, unless you have good alternates like Blaster Cylcops, Blaster HA Hawkeye, Blaster Modern Thor.

Blaster Arcade : Hand Buzzer => you need to use heroes that don't use melee attacks.

There are a lot of tactician that use ranged attacks. Up to you then. But don't forget to give your agent a ranged weapon too.

Tactician Arcade : The Cake Is A Lie => you can't heal and buff your team for 2 turns. Very annoying.

All you have to do is spamming Arcade with all the debuffs you can, and if you have heroes that need 4 turns of buff to unleash their power, forget about them against the Tactician Arcade. Exploit bleeding could be a good way of fighting him in this case, in my opinion. (Elektra / Sabretooth / Wolverine / X-23, ...)

Infiltrator Arcade : Game Master => you need to use heroes that don't use melee attacks again.

It's difficult cuz almost every scrapper is a melee attacker. Forget about Iron Fist, Quicksilver, Sabretooth and Wolverine. You can use Deadpool (without L1) or give a try to Magik (only L2 and L6). But I think you'll have tu use another hero class against Infiltrator Arcade. Blaster may be a good one."

Special thanks to those who are a part of this Thread.

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