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  • Superex

    Tadatadatadada... Oh sorry, didn't see you there.

    I am the awesome and famously infamous... Superex. Well, this is a blog on the key to defeating Group Bosses. The GA-EA-Po4 method has been nerfed. So.. I say we kill the Batman  that now a new method must be found. 

    So, now my setup.(Method I)

    The setup should be -

    Hero 1 - Agent - Hero 2

    Hero(1) is Deadpool. Deadpool usually reduces the health of GBs from 100% to 40% alone, so that's 60%. Hence, one could say that DP needs a boost. Equip the Agent with Damage Amplifier, which doubles the damage. Hence, 120% should be reduced by Deadpool resulting in an overkill of 20%.  Angel can be used as the Hero(2) if you want to quicken the process and to make sure that Deadpool lives to hit. 

    (The order of t…

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  • Superex

    PVP Season 0

    January 9, 2014 by Superex

    The badder the player fights in PVP, the higher he/she gets promoted into another league.

    Each League has its own Season Reward. The higher the League players placed in by the end of the Tournament, the more awesome the Season reward.

    There are five Leagues as of Season 2. These are:

    League Gold
    League Diamond
    League Vibranium
    League Adamantium

    Note: Offline PVP Battles do not count towards the players' required PVP Battles.

    For the Agent to be placed in a league, he must have either the minimum league rating OR the minimum league rank required for that league.

    League Name Awarded Badge Minimum Ranked Fights Agents Rating Required Minimum Rank
    Silver League
    50 Ranked attacks More than 1550 Rank in top 50%
    Gold League
    35 Ranked attacks Less t…

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  • Superex

    M:AA Review - December, 2013

    December 27, 2013 by Superex

    You know me? Okay, so you don't? Well, I am Superex.

    I shall write a review and say something about M:AA and criticize the game too.

    M:AA review of December, 2013    - Superex

    The month of December was quite good. Doom, Nico Minoru, Moonstone, Power Armor sales, Uncanny sale and PVP. Whew! My personal experience in M:AA was very good this month. Players were surprised to find out that Spec Ops' and PVP's time period is more than usual. 

    Special Operations - Game On is one of the best things ever happened in M:AA. Letting the players to choose between the Villains' side or the Heroes' side is really a good thing Playdom did. It is good that players who do not own Lockbox heroes get to play a Lockbox hero as a team-up when playing in the Villain…

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  • Superex

    Baron Zemo/Dialogues

    December 25, 2013 by Superex

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  • Superex

    Defeating Arcade

    December 17, 2013 by Superex

    You know me, I'll still introduce myself, I am Superex. (switching on background music) 

    Obviously, by looking at the title, you can see that this a blog on defeating Arcade. These are a few tips given by players.


    "Well, I manage to deal 25% damage against Blaster arcade, i used cable, Rulk and tact agent. but he is kinda strong 

    my agent is 297, slingcannon, warsplitter axe, vigilante toolkit, chaoshot MG."


    For mine (L300 me) a blaster Arcade, I went Tactician Agent with Coulson, Mystic, Syn Cube and Neurotrope, with Tactician Trickshot Hawkeye and Deadpool. The agent setup is basically what my agent wears for PVE all the time anyway. I didn't want to kill my Arcade, so I didn't get more aggressive.

    Arcade is the…

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