I'm stilll waiting for the Squadron since Hyperion was released. Obviously we'll want skins for both MU 616 & 31916.

Just ideas (the experts have to work out the details)

Essential other four:

Nighthawk: Inf/Tac or Scrap/Inf - either w/ an L2 dropdown

Power Princess/Zarda: PP Alien Br (L6 Invisible Sheild); Z Magic Br/Bl (L6 dropdown with both a Rogue/Spitfire 'essense' steal to 1) heal self & 2) heal others at sacrifice (see Valkyrie).

Whizzer (or Speed Demon)/Blur: Speedster (two turns): WHiz/SD a Scrap; Blur an Inf or Scrap.

Doc Spectrum: Tact/Bl or All 5 Classes [see Mandarin] L2 dropdown, an L9 can make him a temp generalist), Stamina build should match Cable for an abilities toggle. He can only use regular E-Iso's & Generalist Class E-Iso's only)

If feasible:

Super Skrull (replacing Skrullian Skymaster): Generalist build like Hyperion with an L2 & L6 dropdown of the Fantastic Fours L2 & L6 moves.

The others are at the creator's discretion.

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