• Sugarman Sweeney

    The recently added heroes have great new abilities, but they seem to negate the viability of the other earlier heroes.

    Keeping in mind the beed to keep the PVP balance of the power sets, shouldn't all of the prior player characters be considered when new characters are introduced with new abilities or vulnerabilities? 

    Ghost Rider is a good example; gaining the Hallowed weapon vulnerability makes sense for him (and also for Damion Hellstrom & Satana by the way) but why should he be vulnerable to Doom & Despair?

    Some of the E-Iso's were designed before A-Iso's, so it's not so much an oversight as it is just evolution. Hawkeye & Captain America both have E-Iso's that are pretty useless (Attentive & Leading). Simply adding a second effect would …

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  • Sugarman Sweeney

    I'm stilll waiting for the Squadron since Hyperion was released. Obviously we'll want skins for both MU 616 & 31916.

    Just ideas (the experts have to work out the details)

    Essential other four:

    Nighthawk: Inf/Tac or Scrap/Inf - either w/ an L2 dropdown

    Power Princess/Zarda: PP Alien Br (L6 Invisible Sheild); Z Magic Br/Bl (L6 dropdown with both a Rogue/Spitfire 'essense' steal to 1) heal self & 2) heal others at sacrifice (see Valkyrie).

    Whizzer (or Speed Demon)/Blur: Speedster (two turns): WHiz/SD a Scrap; Blur an Inf or Scrap.

    Doc Spectrum: Tact/Bl or All 5 Classes [see Mandarin] L2 dropdown, an L9 can make him a temp generalist), Stamina build should match Cable for an abilities toggle. He can only use regular E-Iso's & Generalist Class E-Iso'…

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