• Stormraker

    I'm curious about what team ups people would like to see added into the game. I know this is Wikia and not Playdom, but I'm just polling for answers. Let me start with the statement that Quicksilver will hopefully get his soon and we'll ignore him for now. Just for kicks though, we'll add team ups for characters that have been announced, although let's ignore the obvious ones. Havok will be X-Force, Doctor Voodo will be Arcane Arts, etc.

    Tops of my list would be:

    Fantastic Family: for Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic. I mean, they're married and have two kids.

    Marvel Knights: Daredevil and Moon Knight. I'm know there were others in this title, but I can't remember them.

    Patriots: Captain America, Captain Britain, Union Jack. If you gonna wear…

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