I've never been a hardcore PvP player, but I think that it's time to take a bit more seriously. Here I will update to keep track of my meta, used teams and strategies, and all the data that could help to achieve the goals I will set for myself.

I'm already at lvl300, with almost all the available heroes (lacking Daredevil, Bishop and Squirrel Girl), but still have some of them waiting for training, so that will be a factor to take into account.

I've changed the structure of this blog post to not being daily, since I don't have much to say everyday. So, whenever there's something important or worthy to post, it will be posted.

Best of luck and sucess, everyone!


As said before, since I'm not a hardcore PvP player, I won't be aiming for Adamantium. Instead, I will set my goal at Diamond, and then I'll evaluate if I can go higher to Vibranium. Since the hero will be available a month later, it isn't that important for now.

To achieve this goal, I'll start with the daily 5 battles to see where that takes me.


As of now, I'll be trying out the team that gave me the daily wins on the last tournament.

Offensive team:

As of Day 2, I've changed the defensive from offensive team.

Defensive team:

I won't be getting the Might of Attilan, since I'm not a gold buyer, but I like how the Attilan Set works with Sinister Scepter. This was the build that got me the 5 daily wins on the past season, so I'll start with this.

While I'm still leveling Thane and Black Bolt, I'm looking forward for their PvP potential, so some things could change from this initial team.

Overall Log

Here I will keep the data I collect throught all the season, with a simple table.

Hero Name Uniform Class #
Ares Default Bruiser 4
Captain Britain Default Bruiser 1
Cyclops Default Tactician 1
Cyclops Phoenix Five Tactician 2
Elektra Default Infiltrator 2
Hulk World War II Bruiser 1
Kitty Pryde Shadowcat Infiltrator 1
Omega Sentnel Default Multiple 3
Phoenix Phoenix Five Tactician 1
Phoenix White Crown Blaster 1
Phoenix White Crown Infiltrator 4
Rescue Default Tactician 7

Total Offensive Fights so far: 10.

Components Gathering

So, Season 11 has a collection task, similar to the one used to craft Shepherd's Staff, but we have some other task as well. We have to collect:

  • 125 Spacetime Shards (won after every 5 battles, each day).
  • 5 Rift Essence (chance to drop from PvP Roulette).
  • 5 Incursion Fields (chance to drop from Incursion reward).

Besides collecting those items, we have to deal with some tasks that will take us to Special Ops and and some other stuff; nothing too hard to understand, so I won't be talking about it on the blog post (I can answer specific questions if needed, tho). Anyways, here's the task list: Covert Task: Another Dimension.

Comments and Thoughts

Oct. 1st

My initial thoughts are: the meta has changed a lot since the last days of the last season, in terms of Agent gear, but there are still some known gear like Scroll of Angolob, Sinister Scepter, or the Signpost. First day doesn't tell us much, but it seems I'll have to tweak a bit my strategies to achieve the set goals.

Oct. 2nd

Changed the defensive team, to good success: 9 out of 18 AFK fights, a 50% win, so I'm cool with it.

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