There are a lot of different ways to use a hero, and a lot of different builds for them as well (and a lot of that is posted on this Wikia, too). So, why another blog about it? As with all other topics, different points of view brings your own, so you can look at all the opinions and make up your own build for that specific hero that suits your playstyle. And I needed something to do while waiting to send the jets on Remote Ops, too.

Before reading, please take in mind that this is just my opinion; maybe you agree, maybe you don't, so change anything you see fit, cause I build my heroes to deal damage (with some exceptions), leaving survavility in a second place (but without forgetting it). So, let's get on the topic.

I will be adding them as fast as I can, so if you want me to publish a certain hero, leave a comment and I will try to do it.

Emma Frost

Class: Tactician.

Emma Frost Icon Large 2
Emma Frost has been on my PvP for a long time, but with all the change on the game, I only use her from time to time for her Cosmic Power passive. Beside that, I like to hit hard with her Mental Trauma, and getting both hits of War Diamond (which I use a bit more often since the change to Unlock Potential as a Quick Action). I added some defense as well if Diamond Body doesn't trigger (or already triggered), but focused on health for overall survavility.
  • 5 x Steady (Health, Attack, Accuracy).
  • 1 x Focused (Health, Accuracy).
  • 1 x Exact (Defense, Accuracy).
  • 1 x Sturdy (Health, Defense).

Total: +1129 Health, +145 Attack, +78 Defense, +223 Accuracy.


Class: Blaster.

Havok Icon Large 1
The long wait for Scott's brother ended with Spec Ops 6, which gave us a serious, and I really mean serious damage dealer. A curious thing about Havok is, that while his second skill takes half of his stamina, and the third one takes a quarter (in other words, a lot), he doesn't need any more stamina at all: his first and fourth (which replenish all his stamina) skill doesn't consume it, so when you're waiting for the cooldown of Channel Energy (which, by the way, pumps the attack power of Plasma Wave) you can debuff your enemies with Plasma Spheres (a good team mate for Captain Britain, Mockingbird, or any other with Paragon Exploiter) or put Melt Armor AND remove buffs from that nasty tank (or any enemy you want dead fast) with Shattering Punch.

Havok's main problem is his accuracy, so that will be the core of the build. As I stated, no need for stamina, and I chose evasion pair with health for overall survavility, and enough attack to take it to 5 bars. Maybe I could change evasion for defense, but it has worked for me so far.

  • 3 x Focused (Health, Accuracy).
  • 1 x Mercurial (Attack, Accuracy, Evasion).
  • 4 x Dexterous (Accuracy, Evasion).

Total: +591 Health, +29 Attack, +302 Accuracy, +185 Evasion.


Class: Infiltrator

Phoenix Icon Large 2
If you want to use her in your team, it should be for her ability to revive allies, which the P5 Uniform can do only once, so I use White Crown instead. Another thing I like of her as an Infiltrator, is the ability to counter; I use to have her and Emma in my team, and a Cosmic Power + Combat Reflexes counter with Psi-blast really hurts. One thing to note is that, even with massive stamina use of Phoenix Fire, you won't be using it too often, so there's no need to freak out about it.

If you'll be aiming for faster battles, maybe you could consider the Phoenix Five uniform, but the role would be the same: deal unprotectable and almost undodgeable damage with Psi-blast, revive, and blast away with Phoenix Fire.

  • 5 x Chaotic (All Stats).
  • 3 x Steady (Health, Attack, Accuracy).

Total: +931 Health, +490 Stamina, +187 Attack, +100 Defense, +187 Accuracy, +100 Evasion


Class: Blaster

Thor Icon Large 2
I have used Thor a lot since day 1; you gotta love those epic overkills with Summon Thunder, and that's the core of using him, so I maxed attack and accuracy, adding a lot of health (and a bit of defense) to unleash his power a second time if needed. Maybe I could exchange a bit of attack for accuracy, to take that to 5 bars, but I haven't feel the need, since the massive AoE damage comes from a catastrophic skill.

There's not much to say about Thor, tho. He only hits hard, but he's damn good at it.

  • 5 x Steady (Health, Attack, Accuracy).
  • 3 x Forceful (Attack, Defense, Accuracy).

Total: +735 Health, +232 Attack, +87 Defense, +232 Accuracy.


Class: Bruiser.

Valkyrie Icon Large 1
Spec Ops 5 gave us a great heroine, who can hit hard, protect your team when critically wounded, and heal anytime an enemy dies. Her main problem is accuracy, since her Dragonfang only has 74% hit ratio without ISO, so that's the core of the build.

Besides accuracy, and since I build her for PvP mostly, where I find myself only using Dragonfang and Sacrificial Blessing (with Flight of Valkyrie used just a few times), I didn't put that much on stamina, and focused on other aspects, like taking to 5 bars in attack and defense.

  • 4 x Steady (Health, Attack, Accuracy).
  • 2 x Exact (Defense, Accuracy).
  • 1 x Resilient (Stamina, Defense).
  • 1 x Careful (Stamina, Accuracy).

Total: +588 Health, +394 Stamina, +116 Attack, +117 Defense, +233 Accuracy.

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