Advantages for infiltrators: - Can dodge attacks easily - Can counter attack pretty well with combat reflexes

Disadvantages for infiltrators: - Squishy (can die easily) - usually don't work well as a team with the exception of spiderman

Advantages for blasters: - high ranged attack - good status effects for example burn - good aoe attacks (area of attack)

Disadvantages for blasters: -their bonus isn't too good against bruisers as it's just a critical hit -can be afflicted by conditions easily for example stun or slow

Advantages for tacticians: - Possibly the best bonus as they get a free attack on infiltrators - Very good with a team especially with buffs

Disadvantages for tacticians: - often slow - often have weak attack to large groups

Advantages for scrappers: - high damage to single enemies - balanced class as they can heal for example iron fist

Disadvantages for scrappers: - can be killed off easily by bruisers - easy to target and hit

Advantages for bruisers: - generally high attack overall - tanks ( can survive well)

Disadvantages for bruisers: - often slow - low accuracy

My personal Fav is tactician

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