• Spartan 02

    The Most OP Character Ever?

    Version 1: The Not-So-OP Version

    Class: Blaster

    Base Stats








    • Overpowered
    • Immune to Stun, Cower and Exhaustion effects
    • Cannot get Weakened and Impaired
    • Guaranteed to get the first turn in combat
    • No Buffs For You
    • Does not tolerate the application of buffs on enemies
    • Will remove the buffs of all enemies at the start of each round
    • No Mercy!
    • Immune to Intimidated
    • Ready to unleash a deadly attack on all enemies at the second round
    • Counter-Proof
    • Counter-attacks and follow-up attacks against this character will hit his ally instead
    • Enemies with or who make attacks against this character will hit his ally instead
    • No Cheating Pl0x
      • Something like , except that only applies to enemies
      • O…
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