• Skjazz2000


    September 27, 2012 by Skjazz2000

    Why did playdom snatch 5 gold from me? Can anyone tell me how to defeat emma frost in spec op 3.1. My heroes are Iron Man(lvl 10), Black Widow(level 8), Iron Fist(lvl 10),Hawkeye(lvl 8),Black Cat(lvl 4),Ms.Marvel(lvl 9),War Machine(lvl 7),She Hulk(lvl 8), Cyclops(unavailable).Everytime I use a debuff, she does not get much damage and the debuff is removed on the next attack.She uses Unlock Potential and Psychic Trap everytime and does not let me attack(Mental Anguish). I joined the X-men side but most of my heroes are Avengers, and defeated the mini-boss and boss with little health and 1 hero remainig. The missions are very tough.A Scrapper defeating a Briuser in 2 turns! I want to complete two star mastery in mission 1.Give me some battliā€¦

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