So, after much deliberation (and everyone's helpful advice!!), I dediced to unpark last night.

I nabbed Storm for 4.4 runs, and spent the 25g to get Daimon. I wasn't gonna nab enough CPs in time to get him before SO11 ran out anyway.


I made one 4.4 run last night. I earned a whopping 1 CP. I know, I know... keep grinding. And I fully intend to! It's just that I put 3 things on a to-do list, and tried to figure out what was priority:

  • Run 4.4 and grab CPs, make my money back on Storm, and eventually nab Kitty. She's my goal for PVP play at the moment. I plan to get her SC inf alt, and then WC Phoenix and some alt of QS. Haven't decided in which order I'll get the other two. If someone feels PX or QS is better than SC, I'm all ears!
  • Level up my heroes. Which ones? All of them, of course!! But with the acquisition of Storm and Daimon, those two take priority. They're new, so they're way below all my other heroes, obviously. The Hero Bonus in PVP wouldn't hurt, but both these guys should be awesome in PvE as well.
  • Make SO runs: Still a good chance to get LBs. I doubt I'll make it to Satana, but I'd also like to nab Mimic, Crooked Grin, and/or Brute. The odds are against getting all 3, but I'll be damned if it's not worth trying.
  • Run PvE up to Mission 12. I'm on Mission 6 now. It's still a looooong road, but eventually I'd like to stop 4.4 runs and start running 12.2, the most effective mission in the game for CPs, so I hear. ;)

After one 4.4 run, it was time to go to bed and call it a night. In the morning, the deliberations began. Eventually, although I need CPs, I realized the SpecOps were more important. So many players are beaming over Brute right now, so I know I need it, especially if Daimon and Satana start popping up in PVP S10. Not only that, I can kill two birds with one stone: mining for Brute, and leveling DH and Sat at the same time.


He is just awesome!!

At first, I wasn't sure if Daimon and Storm would last in SpecOps. I leveled them both to L2 on the flight deck, than threw them at the beast, baptism by fire!! I thought for sure they'd die quickly, but maybe I could last a fight if I loaded up with Vishanti, Mystical Munition, and Shawarma, I could keep 'em alive long enough to level them up.

I'm pleased to report that both of them are just fine, even at L2!! I am very impressed. Daimon, of course, I think benefits from all his demonic abilities playing them in SO11. All of you are more versed with all the finer details of buffs, passives, and the like. I've only been playing MAA for 2-3 months, and I'm not a huge gamer. All I know is that he rocks. So glad I got him!

The Plan

So for now, I'm just gonna run SO11 as much as I can 'til the clock runs down. After that, it's 4.4 runs.

I'll make a log of both my 4.4 runs and PVP (whenever the hell it gets here). Not that anyone's interested in the progress of a lowly L72. Mainly, this is for my own reference. But if my experience helps anyone, or if anyone's entertained by my sarcastic writing, then great!!

FYI: If someone comments or messages me, and I reply with something random, off-the-cuff, or utterly rude, well... I'm sarcastic and sardonic by nature. Sarcasm is my first language!! Just don't take it personally. I'm just joking. No need to start a flame war on here. ;)

As always, good luck and happy hunting!!


Yeah, um, it's official: Daimon kicks ass!!

I used him on a couple runs of 4.4 when I ran out of ISO. His Darksoul: Brimstone allows him to heal from attacks like Scarlet Witch, making him as hard to kill as SW or HT... and he's only L2!! Can't wait to level him up and socket him!!

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