Okay, got a few questions here....

First, the biggie:

I've got 35 gold and 47 CP. I don't have Fantomex nor Scarlet Witch. I think I can save up enough CP/gold to recruit both FX and SW before SO11 is over. But... do I want to do that?

Sure FX and SW would get me more than just passing Task 25; it would also let me finish "Harness the Power" and "From Hell's Heart". However, Heir of Hell doesn't look all that great, and according to my calculations, I'll still be a few lockboxes short in order to get Satana. I'm not all that interested in FX or SW as players, either. SW is over-used in my meta (and I easily beat her). FX is sub-standard for the CPs, although he'd probably whip ass at my level. I'm at Level 68 and trying my best to complete SpecOps WITHOUT leveling up. (I don't feel like being under the L100 ceiling at the end of PVP10, lolz.)

I already have enough gold now to just skip Task 25, and I'd still have plenty gold/CP left to get who I think would REALLY benefit me in PVP: Shadowcat or QS (alt, of course).

My goals right now are to get the uniques: SO Heroes, PVP Heroes, Lockbox Heroes, crazy gear... and finish PVP10 as high as possible (Adamantium?). Been reading up a lot, doing my homework. I heart PKB's blogs. ;)

Now for the wiki-specific questions:

  • How do I change my profile pic to one I have on my PC? I changed it to one of the defaults (earth), but I want my own avatar! (Yes, I googled it. Couldn't find a good answer.) When I try to upload a pic, it says, "No file chosen." Rrrrr.
  • How do I change text color on blog posts?
  • And how do I make a single-spaced list on this thing WITHOUT bullets or numbering?

Any advice would be truly appreciated. Thx!

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