I think this would be a good wiki article for players new to the wiki. There are lots of crazy acronyms that make reading articles and blogs confusing for new people.

I tried posting this as an article, but Mckrongs removed it for some reason. I don't know where it should go or be placed, I'm just trying to contribute. ;) This is a rough first draft. I'm new to the whole "wiki" thing. Therefore, the formatting, layout, and graphics may not be the best. Please let me know what needs to be changed!


When I first started reading through the various articles, blogs, and comments on here, I was often very, very lost. Marvel Avengers Alliance players have a lingo/shorthand all of their own. I often googled and googled 'til my fingers fell off. Eventually, I got the knack of it.

Here, I present to all of you new readers an improv glossary for the most common abbreviations used here on this site.


AFK - Away From Keyboard: This is what happens when you get attacked by other players during PVP when you're not actively playing.

CP - Command Point

HP - Health or Hit Points

SP - Stamina Points

MAA - Marvel Avengers Alliance

OP - Overpowered, as in a hero or villian whose stats are just ridiculous

PD - Playdom, the makers of MAA

PVP - Player vs. Player

PvE - Player vs. Environment, i.e. the missions

SO - SpecOps, or Special Operations


BC Black Cat IW Invisible Woman
BK Black Knight IF Iron Fist
BP Black Panther IM Iron Man
BW Black Widow KP Kitty Pryde
CA Captain America ("Cap") LC Luke Cage
CB Captain Britain NC Nightcrawler
DD Daredevil OS Omega Sentinel
DP Deadpool QS Quicksilver
DS Doctor Strange SW Scarlet Witch ("The Witch")
FX Fantomex UJ Union Jack
GR Ghost Rider WM War Machine

or Wonder Man

HT Human Torch ("Torchie")

(Everyone let me know if I forgot someone.)


HIB Heavy Ion Beam
LS Laser Spotter
Po4 Power of Four
SoA Scroll of Angolob, "Bologna"
SP Signpost
TP Target Painter

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