Please forgive the title. I was simply going to call this post, "Sitrep", but I thought that was kinda boring. And since this post will basically be my musing, I thought I'd use the title to my favorite Muse song. So sue me.

I haven't posted in a while because the pesky real world left me much to do: last week was eaten up my moving to a new apartment, and then I had to help my sister get ready for vay-k. That said, I have, in fact, been playing the game. Even when things are hectic, it's still pretty easy to send my minions on flight deck runs. When I'm in flight-op mode, I call them my little "flying monkeys".

Here's a brief rundown of how things have panned out:


I've been lucky enough to have a few heroes, as well as a virtual buttload of new gear, fall into my lap recently. Here are the highlights:

Empty Extremis Injector

I was rummaging through my inventory looking for things to sell, or see if I had acquired something interesting that I had previously overlooked, and was surprised to find that I had somehow managed to pick up an Empty Extremis Injector along the way. After some help from RavenHeart (thanks again, btw), I learned that it had been dropped during an Incursion. RavenHeart also directed my to this page with a breakdown of Incursion drops. As you can see, most of the drops are PVP Tournament-related, once again just reiterating my previous assessment that Incursions are basically just a PvE-based assist to PVP. Originally, I was using Mystical Munition as my PVP Armory "filler" for when I didn't have a better item, then I replaced them all with Soul Jar. Now, I'm thinking of doing Incursion runs to grab some of these. Any thoughts, guys? (Mental note: Make more Incursion runs!!)

Custom Magnetic Field Generator

After several (and I mean several) 4.4 runs, this lil' bad boy finally dropped! Now I know what all the fuss is about!! Talk about a must-have: a ridiculously nearly-impenatrable shield, with the added benefit of bonus turns once it poops out. It's like Sue Storm's Force Field... on crack!! The only thing that could make it better is if it were Quick Action . But then it would be insanely OP, lolz. I love it!!


This is just nuts: After leveling a bit and grabbing a few bars from the daily spin, I was sitting on 32 gold. I read Xobai's guide on gold for non-spending players - that's me!! -  and was torn between grabbing a Commander's Trench in something besides "red", or trying my luck at the Lockboxes. Blaster Aegis Armor was a nice freebie - thanks to PD's infamous PVP glitch - but Blaster is slowly becoming one of my least favorite classes, and it's always nice to have a backup coat in one or two other classes cuz you never know what the players in your meta are gonna do on any given Sunday . But I figured if I spent 10g on LBs (because only a fool would open them up one-at-a-time), I'd still have 22g left over, which is only 2g short of a shiny new jacket.

So I gambled. Felt like I was in Vegas again. Horrible odds. I already had 7 of 8 covers for Juggs; I only needed one more. But the odds were oh-so-slim on getting a new cover on the first try: (.125). I was likely gonna have to take a few spins before I got the prize, but I figured "Why not?" Well, I got lucky: the eighth and final cover was mine on first try!!

Juggy joins the ranks of Angel and Daimon, the only other 2 "unique" heroes I have: He's good right outta the starting gate!! Just got him y'day, still leveling, got him to L5 thus far. His L1 and L2 already rock, and I haven't even socketed him yet! Also, his L2's Exploits Shields makes him a real Magneto-killer!! He's indispensable in 4.4, so now I can kill two birds with one stone: easily defeat Mags for CP runs and level-up Juggy. Awesome!!

Daimon and Storm

Both are awesome and a lot of fun to play, especially Daimon. As aforementioned, he's good from the "get-go". Storm, on the other hand, takes a bit of leveling before she's useful.

Unfortunately, I doubt either of them will make an appearance on my PVP team due to both of them being Blasters (sigh). Daimon might still make the cut. We'll just have to wait and see.

I'll be drawing up a pre-PVP blog soon to lay out my war plans for the forthcoming (when in Odin's name will it get here?) PVP Season 10 .


First the Agent:

The Agent

I'm up to L83 now. I haven't really been "leveling" per se, but I haven't been intentionally "parked", either. Mainly, I've just been rising through the ranks due to Season 2 and 4.4 runs. But now, I'm creeping up on L85 and it's crunch-time. Decisions, decisions...

Do I park at L85? Odin knows, I don't wanna be caught in the mid-L90's when PVP starts up again... that would suuuuck!!! However, PVP10 is nowhere to be found, and none of you scallywags has even caught sight of land yet! I'm-a-thinkin' Playdom is waiting for all of us to get over Season 2 first. Also, they're probably dotting the i's and crossing the t's on the new system they're rolling out, and double/triple-checking to ensure there's no "Angel of the Morning"-type glitch again. Personally, while I enjoy S2 and find it engaging, the new-car smell has worn off for me. I'm no longer giddy with excitement over it, and I'm frothing at the mouth for PVP!!

More than likely, I'll get to ~L85-90 and power-level to L100. Everyone cross your fingers and hope I don't get trapped under the ceiling!!

The Heroes

Soooo glad I read the wiki... for the last few weeks, I've been leveling my heroes evenly. Previously, I only leveled the heroes that I used the most in PvE and PVP. Running the flying monkeys at L1 through L8 takes forever to generate enough silver to get your Grey Widow up to L11!! Now, nearly all my heroes are at a comfortable L10 or above. Yay!!

Final Thoughts

Far be it from me to reference Jerry Springer, but it's time to wrap it up.

  • Pratice fights: I'm tired of 'em. I'm sure the AI is just giving me a false sense of confidence by setting me up against crappy players. I'm ready for PVP.
  • Allies: Does anyone know how to drop current allies in favor of new ones who actually play the game? If it's already on the wiki here somewhere, my apologies, but I searched and couldn't find it.
  • Which gear? Between SO11, 4.4, and S2, I got a whole lotta new gear to try out, but only 4 slots. I'll be making a post soon with a list. Hopefully you guys can help me figure out what to take on my hunting trip!!
  • PS: Just did a quick search on Wikipedia. As it turns out, "Black Holes and Revelations " is the name of the album, and the song in which that line appears is actually named, "Starlight ". I am a horrible, horrible fan.

'Til next time, take care of yourselves. And each other. ;)

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