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  • Skeetabyte

    Before I get into all the specifics of my current PVP plan - the meta, the heroes I've chosen and why, the strategy, AFK (now known as "defending team"), PVP Armory Bonus (and how it's totally torqued) - I'm first going to explain why none of it really matters.

    Of course, let's face it, we're all Neo when playing MAA anyway; we're living in a dream world . The whole thing is fantasy, and no one in the "real world" cares if you smoked 20 opponents in PVP today. In fact, MAA's only effect on the real world seems to be when you actually plop down real-life Benjamins on the game - something no one on this wiki seems to recommend, and with good reason.

    The game is a pasttime, albeit one that has turned into a personal obsession for myself and - I …

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  • Skeetabyte

    Please forgive the title. I was simply going to call this post, "Sitrep", but I thought that was kinda boring. And since this post will basically be my musing, I thought I'd use the title to my favorite Muse song. So sue me.

    I haven't posted in a while because the pesky real world left me much to do: last week was eaten up my moving to a new apartment, and then I had to help my sister get ready for vay-k. That said, I have, in fact, been playing the game. Even when things are hectic, it's still pretty easy to send my minions on flight deck runs. When I'm in flight-op mode, I call them my little "flying monkeys".

    Here's a brief rundown of how things have panned out:

    I've been lucky enough to have a few heroes, as well as a virtual buttload of new …

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  • Skeetabyte

    So, after much deliberation (and everyone's helpful advice!!), I dediced to unpark last night.

    I nabbed Storm for 4.4 runs, and spent the 25g to get Daimon. I wasn't gonna nab enough CPs in time to get him before SO11 ran out anyway.

    I made one 4.4 run last night. I earned a whopping 1 CP. I know, I know... keep grinding. And I fully intend to! It's just that I put 3 things on a to-do list, and tried to figure out what was priority:

    • Run 4.4 and grab CPs, make my money back on Storm, and eventually nab Kitty. She's my goal for PVP play at the moment. I plan to get her SC inf alt, and then WC Phoenix and some alt of QS. Haven't decided in which order I'll get the other two. If someone feels PX or QS is better than SC, I'm all ears!
    • Level up my he…

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  • Skeetabyte

    I think this would be a good wiki article for players new to the wiki. There are lots of crazy acronyms that make reading articles and blogs confusing for new people.

    I tried posting this as an article, but Mckrongs removed it for some reason. I don't know where it should go or be placed, I'm just trying to contribute. ;) This is a rough first draft. I'm new to the whole "wiki" thing. Therefore, the formatting, layout, and graphics may not be the best. Please let me know what needs to be changed!

    When I first started reading through the various articles, blogs, and comments on here, I was often very, very lost. Marvel Avengers Alliance players have a lingo/shorthand all of their own. I often googled and googled 'til my fingers fell off. Even…

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  • Skeetabyte

    I really don't think anyone will read this. It's more just to get my thoughts on paper (er... online. Whatever.) Still, if anyone reads this and has anything to add, please do so!! I could definitely use the advice. ;)

    On to the word vomit...

    Yeah, I got Angel. No, I didn't earn him. I lucked out (as did oh-so-many others) and the glitch bestowed me with Adamantium. I know, I know... I don't deserve him. I won't reiterate what everyone else has said on here, except to say this:

    • Playdom was right not to take Angel away from everyone who got him.
    • Yes, it sucks for everyone who earned Adamantium rightfully.
    • You should be compensated in some way. But you won't be.

    Think about it:  Any player who didn't get Adamantium is already at a huge disadvantage. T…

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