Well here we are again...  After grumbling over the time for Spec Ops 15 to arrive we get another PvP Season thrown on top.  The CPs for winning your 5 daily battles are nice, especially for those who still need heroes for the Spec Ops.  For myself, it will make it easier to get some alts I have been eyeing.

Truly not interested in the Adamantium reward, nor do I think I could get there even if I was.  In any case, I will bank the 135 CP for later.  

The only issue I see is with the Spec Ops AND the 500 xp per day from PvP I may find myself into the killing floor during this tourney given it's 37 day length,  buckle up boys and girls this could get ugly FAST.

Daily Ramblings and Rantings:

12/20:  Not prepared and just going through the motions right now.  keeping same team from PvP 12 for right now.

12/24:  First attacking losses (5W - 2L),  Including a couple stinkers one with multiple all team stuns and one where people just would not die.  Frustrating as still need to get stuff done tonight for the kids, but nothing major.

12/25:  Merry Christmas M:AA  Wiki Community!

12/27:  Out most of the day with family and friends for Board Game Day, did not  get 5th attack in until midnight.  Lost some AFK due to volume cutting off list.

12/28:  Pulled in one extra attack and ran into my first DOOM!  He is a pain, but I won in the end.  He looks very interesting, I am still at 7/8 covers.

12/29:  Another day, another Doom, Man that bugger is a PAIN.  Still at 7/8 need another 60 LB or less.

12/30:  Yay, here comes the volume :P -158 overnight.

01/01:  Happy New Year Wiki!  Got last cover for DOOM, this morning and got Hard Nox off of the spinner.  I already had purchased Hard Nox back when I won a Hotshot back in a previous PvP season.  so I socketed the old one for the little offensive bonus it gave.  So 2014 is looking up already!

01/02:  Today is a day to forget.  Frustrating attacking losses, bad AFK, poor rating recovery.  Trying to resist putting in too much extra effort as ther are still 3 weeks left...  A wise man once said "In PvP, a short memory is needed."

01/04:  Having a hard time getting back to Vibranium, spinning my wheels in Diamond.  I know I need to put on some volume but currently lacking the motivation.  22 point AFK losses are not helping either ;)

01/05: Got super lucky on AFK last night, as if someone played the "One Quiet Night" card from Pandemic!  So I took advantage and eked back into that rank above Diamond.  Will have to try to put in some volume in between shoveling today.  Sorry PKB, Muspleheim is buried in snow today ;)

01/08:  Put in a few extra attacks last night and it helped offset a poor showing on AFK defenses, the Heimdall experiment is not going well.  On the plus side 5 wins in 5 attacks and yet another Hard Nox, so into the vault the older one goes!

01/09:  A lot of activity last night.  I gave in and purchased 1 six back of last season's items for 6 gold and vaulted them to help my Defensive team.  Took 6 attacks to get 5 wins and the one team I lost to was annoying as all get out:  

Dual e-iso Deapool / Sympathy e-iso Dr. Voodoo / Enhanced Scrapper Agent with Neurotrope, Cube, Mystic and do not know what the fourth was. They buffed counterattacked, and healed 27 ways from Sunday with no way to clear them off...  Oh and to add insult to injury he had a complete vault of this season's defensive item, and his heroes were all slanted to Tactician, and Infiltrators so nothing but huge lifepools and dodge monkeys... <shudder>

01/12:  Ding 251...  So about 2 more weeks of the tournament and 9 levels to the killing floor of PvP...  Hopefully I can keep out of it and them use my masses of stored energy to rush to 300 before the next tourney,,,

01/13:  Met my first Nico in PvP, I thought i was doing well I had eliminated the Agent and other hero, I had my Agent and Magik still up and above 50% health.  Then she died and i had to burn a turn as you cannot kill or debuff her..  I got one more move.  Between her powers, 2 turns per round, and the skullthumber EISO she ended up taking about 5 moves in a row and wiped out my team with out even letting me get any actions in edgewise...  I know it was partially bad RNG but jeez, how do you counter that?

01/15:  Put in some extra attacks last night, plus a new Covert Task to unlock the recruitment of Sunfire.  We have 3 weeks, but adding another blaster to the pack is never a bad thing so I am going to risk grinding some XP and try ot get him (and his PvP bonus) as soon as possible.  Good news is I lucked out on one of my deplys and got to task 6 quite quickly and even waited to do my 5 PvP attacks until task 4.  Good luck on drops to us all!

01/16:  Not only did I lose my first two attacks, but what should have been my 5th victory resulted in a forced refresh so a victory becomes a loss, nice 30 point swing there.  GRRR!  Ah well back to incursiion farming in 2.2.6

01/17:  Suddenly i cannot win an attack to save my life.  I put in 4 extras last night went 2W- 2L and lost points.  This morning took 9 attacks to get my 5 wins.  Now the one attack last night against the agent who had 36 of the Sunfire items in his vault I expected to lose to, but otherwise I am hoping it is a bad streak, the teams are not different, I have updated my ISOs to take into account agent levelling, but man some bad RNG, like Grey Hulk pre-countering every single one of my attacks and proceeding to wipe my team out with 5 stack rage punches and smashes.  9 days left, there is time to recover with volume bad this a depressing day. On the plus side only 2 more tubes and 1 more shield needed!

01/18:  Well good news is I got my last items needed and started my Covert Task research, allowing me to socket those items.  That combined with the lower rating allowed me to actually work my way back into Vibranium.  Grey Hulk is still my nemesis... perhaps I need to join the crowd..

01/22:  Well I am recovering from my sour period of AFK last week.  I recruited Sunfire on Saturday which allowed me to socket my items which helped a lot.  I even socketed some on Offense just because the improvement was so much greater than what i would have gotten on the Defense side and that has sped up attacks.  I won some more Doom LB's on the spinner and ended up getting 2 more rifles to socket this morning as well (again on Offense).  

So we are in the home stretch and most importantly it appears I may squeak through without hitting the killzone.  I admit I have shut down farming after getting Sunfire despite the shot of good socketable items off deploys and incursions, I have all the heroes I can have, Domino will not be purchaseable until after the Tourney and I am sitting on 200+ CPs resisting the urge to buy alts.  I would like to have Domino and 225 CP's banked before I buy any more uniforms.  Most iimportantly, I need to stay below that 260 level and then once PvP is done Rush to 300 and be prepared to take my beating next tournament from the big boys.  I have a lot of small energy stored (2000+) so unless they drop another tourney back to back I should be able to do it.

01/26:  Well late tourney volmue is here.  Been tryiing to log extra attacks to offset, but just not feeling it.  Really could use a break between this and the next tourney...

01/27:  Holy Cow volume!  Good luck to all on the last day unless you are fighting me or SWMBO ;)

01/28:  So seven more days of this... stuff For a long tourney to begin with to extend it as one person said on the message boards "is not compensation, it is a punishment."  AMEN! 01/29:  So Playdom announced you will get the rewards for you level at 01/27 5:15 PST or 02/03 6 PST whichever is GREATER.  Nice solution, just wish they had said that from the get go.  Pretty sure SWMBO and I were both solid Vibranium at 5:15PT on 01/27 so that is good.  Probably going to take it easy and just colelct 5 wins per day and wait for SPec Ops 16 to drop.

01/31:  Just riding out the tail end here.  Saw I had 7 Doom LB stockpiled from the spinner and opened them hoping for a Rifle to put in the PVP vault, no go.  Won 2 Shadowy LB today opening them up and bam 2 now useless PvP bonus items.  /sad trombone

02/03:  So here we are at the finish line... again.  I am still in Vibranium, too burnt out to make a push for Ada but I would never hold it in any case.  All I can say is during the whole of the Tournament "Proper" I had an AFK win% of 32.4%, during the extension... AFK win% of 14.6%  Nothing changed on my part, defending team has been basically, the same entire tourney, any changes made have been cycled throughout.  But that is a precipitous drop and it all started the day the extension started...  I'm not sayin' I'm just sayin'  Mr. Woods I'm stuffed full of PvP, may I be excused now?

Post Mortem:  Well finished in Vibranium without too much extra work.  SWMBO was hovering in Adamantium with about 6 hours to go (1600+) but volume got her at the end.  The extra CPs were nice.  Looking forward to the Aysman Spec Ops and hopefully a nice LOOOOOONG break from PvP.

PvP Season 13
Date Rating Attacks League AFK Defenses



12/20 894 5 Silver N/A Liquid Superconductor 245
12/21 971 10 Gold 6W - 4L 2 Omega LB 245
12/22 1018 15 Gold 8W - 9L 10 Coiled LB 246
12/23 1047 20 Diamond 9W - 11L 10 Fanged LB 246
12/24 1067 27 Diamond 7W - 8L 2 Mischv LB 246
12/25 1113 32 Diamond 0W - 2L 2 Fanged LB 246
12/26 1131 38 Vibranium 2W - 5L 2 Unstoppable LB 247
12/27 1093 43 Diamond 11W - 13L 2 Unstoppable LB 247
12/28 1144 50 Vibranium 4W - 5L 2 Magnetic LB 247
12/29 1206 56 Vibranium 3W - 3L 2 Magnetic LB 248
12/30 1071 62 Diamond 3W -16L 2 Psycho LB 248
12/31 1108 68 Diamond 2W - 5L 10 Magnetic LB 249
01/01 1117 74 Diamond 0W - 3L Hard Nox 249
01/02 1203 79 Vibranium 6W - 6L 2 Fanged LB 249
01/03 1125 86 Diamond 4W - 12L Deadpool Corps Ring 249
01/04 1124 92 Diamond 6W - 9L 2 Magnetic LB 249
01/05 1200 97 Vibranium 0W - 1L 2 Shadowy LB 249
01/06 1261 106 Vibranium 3W - 5L Bound Grimoire 250
01/07 1235 112 Vibranium 4W - 10L 2 Inhuman LB 250
01/08 1270 120 Vibranium 2W - 8L Hard Nox 250
01/09 1238 127 Vibranium 7W - 15L 2 Miscv LB 250
01/10 1314 132 Vibranium 5W - 6L Deadpool Corps Ring 250
01/11 1358 139 Vibranium 5W - 5L 2 Coiled LB 250
01/12 1375 144 Vibranium 3W - 6L 10 Demonic LB 251
01/13 1286 151 Vibranium 2W - 14L 2 Shadowy LB 251
01/14 1279 157 Vibranium 5W - 10L 2 Coiled LB 251
01/15 1343 168 Vibranium 4W - 11L 2 Inhuman LB 251
01/16 1295 175 Vibranium 3W - 7L 2 Unstop LB 252
01/17 1260 188 Vibranium 3W - 8L 10 Psycho LB 252
01/18 1293 198 Vibranium 3W - 9L 2 Mischv LB 252
01/19 1297 204 Vibranium 5W - 11L 2 Mischv LB 252
01/20 1326 210 Vibranium 8W - 15L 2 Mischv LB 253
01/21 1325 215 Vibranium 2W - 9L 2 Demonic LB 253
01/22 1357 225 Vibranium 7W - 11L 2 Fanged LB 253
01/23 1349 234 Vibranium 3W - 14L 2 Psycho LB 253
01/24 1385 246 Vibranium 7W - 12L 2 Demonic LB 253
01/25 1390 251 Vibranium 4W - 15L Bound Grimoire 253
01/26 1366 258 Vibranium 3W - 15L 10 Omega LB 254
01/27 1373 263 Vibranium 13W - 22L 2 Psycho LB 254
01/28 1419 288 Vibranium 12W - 34L Deadpool Corps Ring 254
01/29 1356 295 Vibranium 1W - 10L 2 Psycho LB 254
01/30 1368 301 Vibranium 2W - 6L 2 Coiled LB 254
01/31 1388 306 Vibranium 2W - 7L 2 Shadowy LB 254
02/01 1360 311 Vibranium 1W - 8L Hard Nox 254
02/02 1362 316 Vibranium 1W -6L 2 Demonic LB 254
02/03 1373 321 Vibranium 0W - 4L 2 Shadowy LB 255
FIN 1344 323 Vibranium 4W -11L N/A 255

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