NOTE:  I have suspended updates on this blog and will now track my leveling through the Valley of Death on my PvP 14 Blog

OK, now that PvP 13 (aka The Season with No End) is over; I have a new task for myself:  

Spec Ops?  Not yet :(  "soon" (tm)  I am sure and it will help with my task.

Grind CPs?  No, I am doing OK, sitting on over 280 with all heroes purchased.  Yeah I could use some alts and Domino will be mine in a day or so and I will still have 145 to my name after that.

Actually doing, you know, work?  Don't be ridiculous!

No I gained 10 levels between the last SO and TSNE and ended at 255.  5 levels away from the killing floor of PvP (level 260-299)  so I need to get to 300 and FAST!  Ideally before PvP 14, but in reality I may have to sign off a season if I cannot keep a good pace.

So I need to grind XP like a madman.  I need good XP that I can grind

1) Quickly (i.e. low Real World time requirements) So I can squeeze one in before work, etc

2) Low Energy Cost so  I can grind multple times per day

3) Hopefully have a Side Benefit as well (good items, weapons, CPs always good)

So I have been trolling the wiki and not have much luck finding a guide or even a blog tracking someone's run.  So any suggestions would be welcome!

The Marathon Run
Date Lvl XP Run CP Notables
02/04 255 747 N/A 296 On your mark, get set, GO!
02/05 257 342 12.2 278 Purchase WWII Cap Tact PJs
02/06 258 143 12.4 150 Recruited Domino for 135 CP
02/07 259 2408 12.2 178
02/08 260 1298 12.4 2 Purchase Famine (Infl), War (Scrap), and Pestilence (Tact)  The Rubicon is crossed, no going back from here!
02/09 260 3908 12.4 7

SWMBO's B-Day.

OOPS!  Did not assign Agent to team in SO 16 so no XP there :P

02/10 261 2578 12.4 12 Started 48 Hr Research on SO16 last night so grind grind grind!
02/11 262 3474 12.2 24 Woot S1 Ch12 Deploys are back!
02/12 264 954 SO 16.1 32 Farming SO 16.1 for Shards (9/20) and Stars (3/5).  Also allowed me to get my Agent back in my Strike Teams.  Even with non-epic runs this is sucking down a lot of UISO!
02/13 265 1484 SO 16.1 40 Shards 11/20 Stars 4/5
02/14 265 2954 12.2 40

Happy Valentine's Day!    Shards 13/20 Stars 4/5

02/15 267 2352 12.2 60 Shards 14/20
02/17 269 1257 12.2 90 Shards 15/20 
02/18 269 3887 2.2.3 93 Shards 16/20
02/19 270 2862 12.4 105 Shards 18/20

Ramblings and Musings

02/17 - Really starting to dislike this grind...  I guess it does make UISO a more precious commodity but man is it getting old.  Have been self imposed stuck on task 18 for now over a week!  Not much more frustrating than washing away 90 UISO and going O-fer on shards.  On the plus side I have enough for another alt... So the question is: Beast Inf, X-23 Bruiser, or Rogue (Blaster power)?

02/18 - Started getting buggy eyed from 12.2 and 12.4 in between my UISO limited Deathfrost Shard farming; SO16.1 is now 5 starred woot :P considerded moving to SO16.2-London but Scarlett's blog states it has a lower shard probablity so I guess 16.1 it is.  So I have started doing 2.2.3 in an effort to try to farm up some of the character Specific EISO's Looking at you Cap!

02/19 - So after ultiple 2.2.3 runs and 2 Thor EISO's but none for Cap, I moved back to 1.12.4 for some quick. low energy XP.  I also moved to SO16.2.London as I ahave already 5 starrred SO16.1.  Got 2 shards on my first run through so I got that going for me.

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