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  • Skarlarth

    Well here we go again.  Just finished my 2 day research ready to cruise on towards getting Falcon after taking my son to the doctor and uh oh... gold sale... uh oh Taskmaster splash screen... damnit.

    Well on the plus side there is no more leveling for me this Tourney, so we will see how that plays out.  Looks like Havok got the Nerf bat to the "Lower Abdomen", he is still dangerous but it is no longer which Havok goes first?  Kind of suprised they went way beyond what I had predicted last tourney.

    So Havok is out and Tact CSR is in.  Plus I had picked up the Dragon's Foot when they brought it back for the March Marvel sale, so he fits right in.  Depower, Generalized, Flanked...  Yes, yes he will do nicely.  Very nicely indeed.

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  • Skarlarth

    PvP 14 Son of a B*$@%!

    February 20, 2014 by Skarlarth

    Welcome back absent readers!  So in the middle of a long and ISO intensive Spec Ops here comes PvP and me caught right in the middle of the killing floor (levels 260 - 299)!  Oh and there is a new side quest for a fun new toy too!

    Much like Beast in the Spec Ops I have been caught unawares, I thought I had another week or so to continue to grind out levels...  Well I always said if I had to tank a PvP season it would be the one with the Blaster uniform :P

    Well let's get this party started!

    Post Mortem -  Did a lot of extra attacks after the morning update.  but it was needed to keep up with the afternoon and evening volume.  I finally switched up my offesive team after 3 seasons... to My defensive team!  They were doing me no good on defense …

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  • Skarlarth

    No rest for the wicked!

    February 4, 2014 by Skarlarth

    OK, now that PvP 13 (aka The Season with No End) is over; I have a new task for myself:  

    Spec Ops?  Not yet :(  "soon" (tm)  I am sure and it will help with my task.

    Grind CPs?  No, I am doing OK, sitting on over 280 with all heroes purchased.  Yeah I could use some alts and Domino will be mine in a day or so and I will still have 145 to my name after that.

    Actually doing, you know, work?  Don't be ridiculous!

    No I gained 10 levels between the last SO and TSNE and ended at 255.  5 levels away from the killing floor of PvP (level 260-299)  so I need to get to 300 and FAST!  Ideally before PvP 14, but in reality I may have to sign off a season if I cannot keep a good pace.

    So I need to grind XP like a madman.  I need good XP that I can grind

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  • Skarlarth

    Well here we are again...  After grumbling over the time for Spec Ops 15 to arrive we get another PvP Season thrown on top.  The CPs for winning your 5 daily battles are nice, especially for those who still need heroes for the Spec Ops.  For myself, it will make it easier to get some alts I have been eyeing.

    Truly not interested in the Adamantium reward, nor do I think I could get there even if I was.  In any case, I will bank the 135 CP for later.  

    The only issue I see is with the Spec Ops AND the 500 xp per day from PvP I may find myself into the killing floor during this tourney given it's 37 day length,  buckle up boys and girls this could get ugly FAST.

    Daily Ramblings and Rantings:

    12/20:  Not prepared and just going through the motions…

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  • Skarlarth

    Another season another grind.  Two new heroes, one I am extremely interested in... whom I will have to save 135 CP for after the next season and one distasteful one I will simply pursue out of collection "completeness".

    All my plans seem to be for naught due to "The great Nerf-ening of 11/12".  

    I had planned on being an annoying evasive dodge monkey and facing the same... thus my team was designed to work with this in mind.  With the "correction" of the VTK and stacking avoision (Thank you Kent Brockman) abilites, it appears I have over compensated for nothing.  Time will tell how it runs in the new meta.

    Max Lockboxes Required (Assuming max needed per remaining covers): 0

    Lockboxes on Hand 1

    Min Lockboxes Available (Based on 5 wins per day only…

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