This is just a compiled data from multiple suggestions on how they were able to defeat Ultron.

Sijfer's Personal Guide

Sijfer's Team

(Hey! I'm not that great in picking up equipment. So you don't have to use mine. Pick the combination that suits yours.)

My Conditions

1st Wave - Baron Zemo

(a.k.a. the easy one)

  • Switch Vision to Infiltrator
  • Attack normally

2nd Wave - Viper

(a.k.a. another easy one)

  • Attack normally

3rd Wave - Ultron

(a.k.a. the one that matters)

  • On your first turn, use Chrono Accelerator on Vision.
  • Let Vision distribute a Tactical Strike on the others, with his last turn giving a Chrono Accelerator on either the Agent or Iron Fist. For this guide, I'll choose Iron Fist.
  • Let Iron Fist use Lv9 and Lv6. If he has the Tactical Strike, damage the Ultron Sentry, it is possible that the Agent will follow-up with Coulson Special, but for this guide, let's assume that it didn't.
  • On Iron Fist's last turn, use Chrono Accelerator on the Agent.
  • Let the Agent use Tactical Strike on himself/herself. Attack the Sentry with Skeptic to power-up the Coulson Special with Tech Upgrade. Then fire-up and attack Ultron with the Coulson Special.
  • You can also mix-in and use Chrono Boost for added Haste.

Target Priority: Sentry > Ultron > Vision

Note: Ultron and his Sentry (and even Vision) usually interrupts this sequence by using Tactical Maneuver, so a weapon that can apply Generalized will also help.

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