Ohayo, <name>!

This is a summary of how I made it out ALIVE on the Morbius Set Simulator, without being lucky.

Wave 1

This wave is very easy...

  • First, you can ease the hunger a bit by using Lv2: I Hunger on the Angler (Tactician). This gives Morbius Combat Reflexes.
  • If either of the following occurs:
    • both enemies are still alive after one round, just attack that Angler again.
    • either one of the enemies survives, just attack as normal.

Wave 2

This one is a little tricky...

Basically, you want to keep that Combat Reflexes on Morbius until Wave 3.

  • Check which one of the enemies'll attack first after your turn.
    • If the Blaster Bullets gets to attack you first, use Lv6: Mesmerize on the Angler (Tactician).
    • If the Angler gets to attack first, use Lv2: I Hunger on the Bullets (Blaster).
  • If either of the following occurs:
    • both survives the counter attack, use the Lv2: I Hunger again on that Bullets (Blaster).
    • Angler survives, Bullets dies: Rest. You'll be needing it on Wave 3.
    • Bullets survives, Angler dies... attack Bullets with Lv2: I Hunger for the added buff: Sated.

Wave 3

This wave is where it'll get a bit messy...

  • You'll need to target a specific enemy, depending on the Buff that you retained from Wave 2. Note that Lv2: I Hunger is only usable at the start of Wave 3.
    • Combat Reflexes: Attack the Ice Pick first with Lv2: I Hunger, cuz it has more HP. Afterwards, Combat Reflexes might kill one of them, or both.
    • Sated: Attack the Enforcer first with Lv2: I Hunger, cuz it has less HP. The less enemies attacking you, the better.
  • If the enemies are still alive afterwards, just attack the enemy with lowest HP with Lv1: Fly By Night.
  • Note 1: You have the option not to use Lv9: Experimentation. One of it's Buffs, Chemical Reaction, can give debuffs, which is a risk that you'll have to take. One of these debuff is Sudden Death.
  • Note 2: If you don't use Lv9: Experimentation, don't worry, Hunger increases attack and accuracy by 5% even though it also reduces defense and evasion by 5%. Attacking is a priority, and Morbius has high defense and evasion.

Note: Challenge expired!

Sijfer (talk) 15:41, November 14, 2014 (UTC)

Updated: Sijfer (talk) 03:59, November 27, 2014 (UTC)

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