Here are a list of things you need and don't need to do when fighting Vlad Dracula, aka "the infinite-turn devil boss".

  • Avoid status effects related to Bleeding. Either it's on your team or Vlad's team is Not Good.
  • Kill anyone he is with first. Either if it's a random vampire or Mephisto, kill him/them first! If Vlad's HP reaches near 0 and still has an ally with him, he'll gain infinite turns.
  • Avoid applying Depower on Vlad, or similar effects. This would also cause the infinite turns.
  • Since Blade is a required Team-Up member in Mission 3, you can also use him as "item distributor". You can still use him to make attacks, just don't use his Lv1, which causes Bleeding.
[to be updated when additional info is acquired]

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