• Recommended to be done after 4-Starred or 5-Starred All Three SpecOps35 Mission
  • Only do deploys

Step-by-Step Procedure

  1. Enter SO35's Mission 1, wait until dialogue is finished and Gamora's deploy mission to appear.
  2. Enter Deploy and retrieve right away since it needs 0 Mission Battles to finish. Each Deploy still depletes 10 U-ISOs.
  3. After acquiring the reward (hopefully a Metaphysical Crystal) check if another deploy mission would appear (which most probable to require an Infiltrator). Enter that deploy as well and retrieve, jump to the next step # if no other deploys appear.
  4. After that go back towards the Flight Deck, enter the Mission Selection, and Abort SO35 Mission 1.
  5. Repeat above procedures until either you acquire the necessary amount of Metaphysical Crystal or no U-ISO8s to use.


  • No hero experience gained.
  • Chance to get into a loop-like state when you get successive "10 U-ISO8s" as a Deploy reward.

Plus Sides

  • Chance to get Metaphysical Crystal without consuming 20 U-ISO8s on Mini-Boss and Boss Battles.

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