Analysis on the abilities of the Terrigen Test Subjects Theta and Iota.

Please note that these are just my personal analysis while observing/playing the game.


  • Empathic Warding (Action Move) - a move which applies
    Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 029
     Remove Debuffs regardless of the Burning status already on the Test Subject. So you might as well want to wait for this guy to use this first before applying Burning-like stats on him.
  • Clarity of Mind (Passive) - even though it states that it cannot use this ability while Burning, unless all Tactitian Test Subjects with him has burning, those others can still remove debuffs.
    Note: most players complain that there is a bug, although I have failed to notice their claims myself without having to fight multiple Tactitians on a single wave. I therefore conclude that there is no bug.


  • Ignition (Passive) - although this is this guy's best strength, it's also it's weakness. This guy powers up if anyone (and I mean anyone) uses Energy Attacks or has burning-like status. That means if there's a Tact Test Subject around with Burning or Soulfire on them, this guy can still power-up. Applying Chilled or using Ice-type attacks can negate this guy's strengthening. This guy can still power-up if he has Soulfire on him even with Chilled or Deathfrost. If this guy is paired with 1 or 2 Tact Test Subject(s), and they give you a hard time, I recommend defeating the Tacts first one at a time.


  • Radiant Mending (Passive) - coupled with the Tact Test Subjects' skill set, can make anyone think that a bug is in. If ever a Scrapper Test Subject is paired with 1 or 2 Tactitians, do the same as the one above.


nothing notable to add


nothing notable to add

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