As we well know, Incursions is an event where two distinct parallel universes collides with each other, resulting to the destruction of both universes if one of the other "Earth" is not destroyed. Although, the game's Incursion is different from the comic book Incursion, in the sense that the Universes represent the Players' User IDs.

  • Each Player control a different Universe (PKB would be Earth-PKB, DarkClown would be Earth-DMC, and so on...)
  • Whiners (forgive the term) represent the Universes that know about the Incursion, but panics instead of looking for their own solutions, which could result to that Universes' destruction
  • Players who quit represent the destroyed Universes
    • Quit because they don't like the game represent the Universes that were destroyed by another
    • Doesn't dislike the game but had to quit due to immediate reasons (family, business, hacked account, etc.) are Universes that collapsed with another

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