It has been 2 days already and the MAA Facebook Page has given two broken links already... here's how to fix them...

This is only a guide to FIX a possible Dead Link, it won't give you Free Infinite "Somethings". After you get the reward, it will be considered "used-up".
1. Click the link
Yup, I know, it will give you a set of numbers such as 5d4e9566-a5b8-46fd-99e7-e62c30fa24f9 from the link, but trust me on this one, it'll become handy (and it's legit). Make sure to copy the numbers only, no "http://" on the left and/or no "/" on the right
These set of numbers will be the <Link Code>
2. Check the Date
The date follows the format <CurrentYear><CurrentMonthNumber><CurrentDay> with no spaces. For some who are from the Eurasian part, the date would/should be minus 1 day.
For the previous link, the date would be 20150308. Note that you must put the "0" for numerals less than 10 such as the Month Numbers for January to September or the Day Number (1-9).
This will be the <Date Code>
3. Know the Daily Free Item
Check the Information where the link came from to see what item the code is for.
Here's a list of codes corresponding the items.
Free Item Item Code
Team Stamina Boost I StamBoost
Shawarma Shawarma
Lost Page of the Vishanti 2vishanti
Unstable Isotope-8 x10 10uiso
Small Energy x2 2SmallEnergy
Restoration Pack I x2 2RestorationPackI
EMP Grenade EMPGrenade
Gold x3 3GoldFanPage
This will be the <Item Code>
4. Time to "FIX" the link
Just put those three things on the link below, then use it!<Item Code>-<Date Code>&bapiTicketId=<Link Code>

Using the broken link as an example, we would get:
I haven't tried it yet, but a shortcut method would be just add the code in step one to this link:
I tried this method on my dummy account, and it worked! We just need to use the <Link Code> from the first step and add it to the link below...<Link Code>
This will give

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