There're 3 stages here... I'll summarize them by these stages.


But first! Some Notes!

  • You might want to equip a particular E-ISO for this one... specifically the Recovering Empowered Iso-8, cuz you'll be recharging a lot here...
  • Also, you can put any A-ISO on... I only put A-ISOs that gives Focused Attack to increase hit accuracy, but you can put in anything you want.
  • You'll also notice that Molly's Lv9 "Let's Play Catch!" is locked. There's a reason for that, but I won't worry about that.

"Kid Gloves ON"

You getting mad isn't going to scare me, kid. Punisher:
Punisher Icon

This stage is when the Punisher always uses his weakest moves because of Kid Gloves.

Make sure to use Molly's Lv6 "Raspberry", but try not to use Lv6 "Temper Tantrum". If it's the only move you can use this stage, just ignore it and rest for some Stamina (and Health if you have Recovering Empowered Iso-8's Soothing Rest).

All you need to do is decrease Punisher's HP to 50%. Yup! That's all you need to do. Make sure Molly have plenty of HP, though... she'll be needing it when she gets sleepy!

"Kid Gloves OFF"

Kid gloves off. Time to teach you a lesson. Punisher:
Punisher Icon

Okay, so now Punisher will release the Kid Gloves and use all his special moves (except for his Lv9 Battle Van)...

At the start of this stage if Lv6 Temper Tantrum is the only move you got, just rest for a while... if the Lv1 Drop Kick and Lv2 Wind-Up Punch becomes available next round, then you can use Lv6 Temper Tantrum. The best combo for this is to use Lv1 Drop Kick for the first couple of rounds, then before your Stamina runs out, use Lv2 Wind-Up Punch... or you can just use Lv1 Drop Kick until your Stamina runs out... it's your choice! ^_^ Rest afterwards for some Stamina and HP (if you have Soothing Rest).

After that, Molly will get sleepy... and will be vulnerable for a while... Repeat this procedure until the Punisher's HP is blinking (or until he interrupts for another dialogue/monologue)...

"Enter Microchip"

But she... <gasp> so small... Punisher:
Punisher Icon

After the Punisher says the above dialogue/monologue, he summons his trusty partner Microchip, who arrives in the Battle Van... this stage will also release the lock on Molly's Lv9 Let's Play Catch! and you can throw his own Battle Van back at him! (poor Microchip, though)

You just need 1 turn to use Lv9 Let's Play Catch!... after using it, you instantly win the battle!

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