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Guide Notes

  • Guide derived from, specifically from Kingfisher745.
  • "Derived", because I ignored some ISO-8 that were recommended.
  • The purpose of this guide is to help those who have problems accessing the YouTube site.


  • Mainly ISO-8s that give additional HP, ATK, and DEF such as Stalwart ISOs.


  • For this Battle, Recovering E-ISO is highly recommended.


  • Slots 1&3: Any
  • Slots 2&4: Suppressing A-ISO (highest priority for Slot 2), Ionizing A-ISO (highest priority for Slot 4) or any A-ISO that can increase the hit accuracy (Focused Ballistic, Focused Mechanized, or Focused Radiant).

Battle Notes

  • Iron Man "WILL BE A BLASTER" in this Fight. You can't change that.
  • Iron Man WILL start out using Hulkbuster.
  • The Hulkbuster resores HP after 3 rounds.
  • Hulk will switch from a Tactitian to a Bruiser in-between the battle. This occurs either when your Iron Man's Health is reduced to 50%, or when Hulk's Health is reduced to near 20%.
  • Iron Man should be at least at Lv9 for this guide.
  • This is a 1-on-1 battle.
  • Hulkbuster Power is different from Stamina. (just wanna point that out)

Battle Start

Hulkbuster VS Tactitian Hulk

  • Use Lv2 on Hulk and Recharge if HP drops past the 50% mark.

Mid-Battle Scene

  • Activates when Iron Man's HP reaches 50% or less or Hulk's HP reaches in between 20% to 1%. Does not trigger if you reduce Hulk's HP to 0%.
  • Prof. X will have a short chat with Stark.
  • After a couple of turns, Hulk will become a Bruiser. Wait for this moment resting. Keep Iron Man's HP to almost 50% for this.

Iron Man VS Bruiser Hulk

  • Keep the Hulkbuster Power Level to 20% until the next Hulkbuster repairs. Until then, Recharge to activate the Recovering E-ISO's ability.
  • When the Hulkbuster restores it's health, use Lv2. This will consume all Hulkbuster Power and switch out to Mk43 Armor.
  • Use Lv9 on Hulk.

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