First Wave

First Turn
  • Lv6 Flamethrower (to inflict Burning)
Second Turn until Stamina is Depleted
  • Lv1 Rapid Fire (For Radiation Exposure)
When Stamina is Depleted
  • Lv2 Combat/Recon Subroutine (it's a Quick Action, plus you can recover Stamina so you can use Lv1 Rapid Fire again)
  • Lv1 Rapid Fire

Next Wave

Repeat above, if Stamina is too low for a Lv6 Flamethrower at the start, just use Lv2 Combat/Recon Subroutine.

Extra Note

When dealing with multiple enemies, just make sure you deplete the opponents' Health too low that the Burning and Radiation Exposure should be enough to kill them on their turn.

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