Yup. The game will end. But that won't stop me from doin' this!

Immortal Enemies

Enemies seemed immortal. You've been killing them for 4 hours (exagerating here) and they still won't die!
Morgan le Fay just won't die and Mokk keeps appearing after killing him.
Restart the game

Hero Training

You log-in the game expecting that your heroes (at most 2 of them) are finished training, but they won't show up after you click the "Team Menu" with "Done".
Most Common Solution
Restart the game
Alternative Solution
Before you go to the Team Menu, click a Mission (from Chapter 1 or Chapter 2, or Spec Op) and wait for the characters' dialogues. Enter a battle afterwards. After the battle, the glitch in the "Team" menu will be gone.

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