• Sierralovely

    Dear Blog, 

    So here I was playing me game, and I was all like, Oh well, I don't like wonderman, I will get emma frost with the of the thing I saved to play the Spec Ops with. 

    She is so hot, why did she ever pick scott. So I was clear out my Coiled Lockboxes, Meh yet another person I won't get, and I got A Girl's Best Friend.

    When i was new to this game and doing maybe my first or second spec ops. I saw this weapons, I didn't care what it did, I loved and love the look of it. There something so french about it. I just love it.  I remember getting four stars on that mission and still not getting that wonderfully pixel piece of joy.  I am so happy I have it now. I am almost complete. Almost.

    Now All I need is something more, something unstoppabl…

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  • Sierralovely

    See a pattern.

    June 9, 2013 by Sierralovely

    I enjoy spec ops, but I think I am see pattern. They seem to be repeating them selves.

    I do encourge anyone who still hasn't done the 4th or 5th task, to get two stars on the first mission, before moving it. It will save a lot of backtracking.   Of course this one reminds me strongly of the second to last spec ops. Which I was okay with, but didn't feel like I had enough iso...ever. Which I assume work in someone favor, I will have to do some reading. Anyhow, i want to try out my blog feature. It's seem really nice: shame is doesn't seem to have spell check or grammar check. but I'm sure no one will read this so I'm fine. 

    I wonder if they are switch layout, from this Spec Ops and the other. But i have admit, the last Spec Ops felt like ad f…

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