Taskmaster Dialogue

Though I know blogs like this have been made before, I wanted to make a new updated one since the recent announement that Taskmaster will be the next PVP LB.

Sandman Dialogue


So first let's start with the most obvious one that has been hinted in Season 2 Chapter 3. Sandman! There are other heroes that have similar powers than him but Flint Marko really has an interesting background story of not really being an evil guy. He would also have cool skills being the only earth based character currently in the game. 

Hydro-Man Dialogue


Next although not a really known good guy, Hydro-Man really has a unique set of powers which is very uncommon in the Marvel U, controlling water that is and turning his body completely liquid. And funny thing was that in the comics he and Sandman got mixed together becoming one mindless mud monster. :3

Blizzard Dialogue


Continuing with the elemental theme, lets go next to Blizzard. Not really a bad guy just misunderstood, Don really has a cool sprite. lol I mean look at his design! It would be a crime that he wouldn't become a hero and also from the fact he's a Thunderbolt. :) Iceman partner anyone? 

Fixer Dialogue


Also a fellow Thunderbold we have next is Fixer. I can really see Norbert as a good support character with at  least one strong attack move, giving buffs to allies and especially making heroes with Tech attacks godly. 

Enchantress Dialogue


On a more feminist note, Amora would be a nice addition to the team. Hopefully more useful than Loki, Enchantress could be great in putting debuffs on enemys and using her magic for offense as well. But most importantly who could say no to the enslaver of men herself, even without magic, those curves will put a spell on you. ;) 

Mystique Dialogue


Next in line is the blue skinned mutant who has flipped-flopped sides more than she changes clothes, or should i say, the more she changes  her skin, Mystique! I mean c'mon, who wouldnt want this sly shapeshipter on their side. A more updated design wouldn't hurt though.

Dragoness Dialogue


Though i have to admit, i don't know much about Tamara here, all I know is she would be an interesting chracter to use. :D

Bob Dialogue


Bob. Nuff said. ;P

Here we have Norman Osborn, the only time he was on the "good" side was when he was the Iron Patriot. Since that's already in the game i don't think he has a big chance of being playable anytime soon. Though Goblin in a interesting character I just don't see it.
Green Goblin Dialogue

Green Goblin

Another "i can't see happenning in the near future" is Crimson Dynamo. Although a hero depending on who's piloting, there are just to many armored/mech heroes out there that can be so much interesting and better, game wise.
Crimson Dynamo Dialogue

Crimson Dynamo

Doc Oc in Petey's body is acting good but that's most probably from their psyches merging together. Once he's out of the body its bad boy back again. Also in his Doc Oc body he was never really a good guy and his sprite just looks awful. You want Contagion? Go buy Beast. 
Doctor Octopus Dialogue

Doc Oc

To those of you who want Avalanche, Blob and Toad please just, stop, just. hehe Although they are already in the game making them heroes would still be the same as creating new ones (designing, coding and all) and Rictor would be such a better addition to the game than Avalanche, Big Bertha > Blob, and Toad, Toad?! Just no. lol Edit: If Toad, Avalance and Dragoness would be added imagine what the roulette would look like in their HB in S2C4M4. So there's a good chance PD would reconsider adding them. :D *happydance

Lastly, the upcoming Bucky Barnes a.k.a the Winter Soldier. I was a bit dissapointed that he won't be coming as a LB hero just yet, which makes one think that most probably in the movie he won't turn to the good side just as yet as well. Though here's hoping for the future!

Winter Soldier Portrait Art

Winter Soldier

Any other thoughts guys? Feel free to sound off below. ^_^

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