Since the Avengers costumes are now permanently for sale it's only a matter of time before the Phoenix 5 ones would be too. But wouldn't it be better if it would go on sale the same time a new Phoenix themed special ops with new Phoenix costumes!?

First the villains, or in this case, the heros-turned-villain. This time around we have new mutants infused with the Phoenix Force where of course they will be maddened by the unfathomable powers the Phoenix has. There are 3 other Earth-616 mutants that have had the Phoenix Force where they can each be the Boss for each mission. The spec ops doesn't have to be AvX-like cause that's been done. It could be Split Path or Strike Team, whatever. All that matters is we get the new awesome costumes. :D

First on my list would be...



Mission 1

Location: Savage Land

I don't know about you but that gave me chills! :3

Next up, the forgotten one last AvX spec op, Imperius Rex...



Mission 2

Location: Wakanda

And last but not the least, the Master og Magnetism himself...



Mission 3

Location: Genosha

Hopefully by this time Magneto will already be available for general recruitment, but hopefully not at a cheap cost to be fair to those who worked and payed hard to get him.

I'm sure everyone is dying to have Namor as the free hero but for a better story of the spec op I thought it would be best if Hope Summers would be the reward. The story could go something like "The Phoenix has returned, drawn by the sacrificial deaths made by the Circle of 8 cult. This time it willingly split itself to Earth's most powerful mutants to help it achieve its goal. What that is none of us know yet. All we know is that there is only one person who can stop them and the Phoenix Force. And that person is Hope!"



I'm good even if Hope doesn't get the White Crown Phoenix costume 'cause Jean already has that. It would be fine by me if it only shows up in a dialogue at the end of the spec ops where Wanda and Hope would say "No more Phoenix." ^_^

So what will happen to Namor you may ask. Here are my thoughts, Namor in his mission would attack Wakanda like in the comics (since we have a lot of Wakanda to use) and he will naturally become a bitter enemy of Black Panther even after he, Namor, regains his "sanity". Having T'Chala strongly disagreeing for Namor being part of the team, and of course being the modest person Namor is, he would flat out be enraged and say something like "I do not need to be part of your little pittifull team". And would be recruitable at a later time, The next spec op maybe.


As impatient as we are, recruiting Namor could be a covert ops along side the spec ops and he will be recruitable for 90cp. Of course this covert ops should be more difficult than other covert ops. More difficult than collecting 100 tankards i'd say. lol

Phoenix Five Phoenix Portrait Art

EDIT: It wouldn't makes sense though why we would need Hope when Jean is alive and kicking in this universe. So i thought Dark Phoenix Jean can be the Epic Boss! Epic Boss on Mission 2 in Wakanda after Namor, but it has been done in AvX. So she should rather be the Group Boss! Jean is super powerful with the Phoenix Force anyway, compared to some previous Group Bosses. 

This way PD would have an excuse to rework Jean to her full potential! =]

Mr. Sinister Dialogue

This guy can be the Epic Boss! Mr. Sinister.

I was also thinking of adding Rachel Summers but i think it would be to much of an overkill. And these three Emma clones would be to much for PD i would imagine.So nevermind them. =)



EDIT: The suggestions were very helpful in figuring out how Hope can be playable. For one thing Hope is known to use ranged weapons, so that can be one skill. But the interesting part is her mutant ability. Hope can be a Generalist and have a restriction where she can only be paired with mutants since she replicates their powers in her proximate area. So it got me thinking, Hope can have a unique ability based on her team-up, for example if she is paired with Scott, Havok, Bishop, Gambit or maybe even Magneto she can gain a Energy attack, if paired with X-23 or Wolvie she can have a Slashing attack. If paired with Jean, Emma, Psylocke or Cable she can gain a psychic action. Iceman and Storm for Ice action. Magik and Nightcrawler for an ability related to Teleportation. Scarlet Witch and Domino for something along the lines of Probability Manipulation. Beast, Rogue, Kitty, Colossus, Quicksilver and maybe Angel for a Melee/Unarmed attack. And so on. :D

Hope to hear your thoughts and suggestions guys! Thanks for reading! :D

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