Some of us love PvP, some don't. Personally, I have love/hate relationship with it. So, to spice things up a bit, The5elements and I propose - PVP Challenge. You can do these in practice or in actual PvP fight, wherever you want. You can share your experiences here. :D

The winner is the person who does all of this - we might have many winners - and the winner gets No-Prize.

  1. Win a fight using Needle Gun.
  2. Win a fight with an agent equipped only with gadgets. Gadgets or heroes that would make agent join in attack are not allowed (Mental Coordination, Coordinated Attack, Overwatch and such are not allowed).
  3. Win 3 fights using Iron Man/Black Widow/Hawkeye team, with no alternative uniforms for them.
  4. Win 5 fights with weapons that have 50% lower power level than your current level.
  5. Win 5 fights using only L1 heroes' abilities and only weapon/gadget that's first on your agent slot. No Quick Actions allowed.
  6. Win 5 battles using only one hero (agent and the other hero can only refresh).
  7. Win 10 fights with two 15 CP heroes.
  8. Win a fight with agent equipped with any of the Kevlar Jumpsuits.
  9. Win 10 fights with Spider-Woman, Luke Cage or Thing (without FF alt uni) on your team.
  10. Win 5 fights with two heroes of the same class.
  11. Win 5 fights in a row when AFK.
  12. Win 5 fights in a row without tank of any kind (no Mind-Link, Wolvie, Spider-Man, Herc, WWII Captain A., etc.)
  13. Win 3 fights with 2 tanks.
  14. Win a fight with Iron Fist's Heart of Shou-Lao stacked 10 times or with 10 stacks of Full of Doom/Amazing Fate.
  15. Win a fight after 20 rounds.
  16. Win a fight with 100% health left on all allies.
  17. Win 3 fights without healing or shields.
  18. Win a fight using only counter-attacks.
  19. Win 5 fights in a row using only stealthy attacks. (If you can't do it with agent, agent is allowed to use gadgets.)
  20. Click on Special:Random until you get two heroes you have. Win a fight with them.
  21. Win 3 fights with the last two heroes you got/bought.
  22. Win 5 fights with only store-bought weapons. No gold weapons allowed.
  23. Win 5 fights without putting debuffs on the opponent. (It's okay for the opponents to have a debuff as long as the source is not your agent or heroes.)

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