Rescue Portrait Art
Everybody's doing these, so here's mine.

Day 0: Do not have internet access in your apartment/house when SO starts. Call your internet provider and yell at them to connect you finally because internet access is a basic human right. Cry a little because you're still not connected, and moving to a new place has taken your soul. Watch re-runs of The Big Bang Theory and cry a little bit more for every superhero reference.

Day 1: Wake up the next morning and take your laptop to the nearest internet cafe. Realize you didn't bring your chord to plug in and your battery is at 40%. Read intro, collect 50 UISO, collect from allies. Win 5 fights in PvP, go to SO. Play fast. Clear first 5 tasks and be very proud of yourself. Start a research just when your battery dies. Relax and finish your coffee. Go home. Come back at evening and finish your research. Everything is going well so far. You have your chord this time. Congratulate yourself. Order a beer. Advance to task #10. Realize you're really tired, plug out and go home. Day 1 is done.

Day 2: Wake up early to take the dog out. Go back to internet cafe afterwards. Clear task 10, start a research, send someone to train on 11. Collect UISO and allies. You're doing good so far. Finish your coffee and go home. Call internet provider and yell at them some more. Day 2 done.

Day 3: Finish research. Finish your epic run of M2 to clear tasks 12 and 13. Advance to the last research. Kick back and relax. 2 days research started on 3rd day. Not bad at all. Order another coffee and farm 12.2. Keep calm.

Days 4 and 5: Farm 12.2., win your PvP fights, collect stuff from allies. Mess up task order and realize you're wasting precious UISO. Relax by writing this blog. Curse task 20. Finish blog and get back to SO. Advance to 23rd task while drinking your coffee. Realize you're short of UISO. Have 3 stars on M1 and M2. Decide to continue tomorrow.

Day 6: Defeat Savin, go for epic run of Iron Patriot. Be 20 UISO short. Pay 2 gold for those because you're impatient. Fight Iron Patriot. Let Hercules kill everyone. Get Rescue. Celebrate.

- -

What I wanted to say, I guess, is that finishing Spec Ops is very doable even if you can play only for a short amount of time daily. I found out that doesn't apply to PvP tournaments, sadly. At least not once you hit lvl 200.

Oh, well. Welcome aboard, Rescue.

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