So, before anyone starts panicking, this could be either a glitch in new MAA mobile version of game or a Photoshoped image. I don't know, I don't care and it's not even the point. Sit back and relax, cause this is just for fun. Okay? Okay.

7 Years of PvP

Day 1 - Oh, man, awesome! I just downloaded this new version of Marvel: Avengers Alliance on my iPhone. Now I can play it all the time. Hey, look, new PvP tournament started. Hah, it says it lasts for 2555 days. That's 7 years, man. Silly Playdom and their glitches. Probably more like 25. I have so much experience from my FB account, I'll just wipe the floor with everyone. *laughs*

Day 19 - I have reached Adamantium, but I have hard time maintaing my rank. I gotta try harder. I'm not gonna give up now. Maybe I should buy few of those PvP items, just to get a little boost to my armory.

Day 26 - I haven't slept last night, but tournament still hasn't ended. Weird. Maybe it's a bit longer on this version, perhaps they're waiting for more people to join? Meh, we'll see. I'm still in Adamantium, so that's good.

Day 99 - Seriously?! There must be hunderd thousands people playing by now! They should end this at once. Mockingbird can't be that OP in this game... can she?

Day 188 - I'm playing while on toilet, while working, in my bed, on the way to work... My girlfriend asked me last night if I wanted to have sex. I said: "Nah, baby, hold on, I got to finish off this wise guy who's using Tigra and Beast on his AFK team... Hahaha, what a loser." By the time I went to bed, I realized she probably went outside for a drink or something. Oh well, time for sleep.

Day 212 - My girlfriend still hasn't come back. But this guy is running Phoenix and Rescue on his AFK. GOD THIS IS ANNOYING! Must... win...

Day 667 - Apparently, my boss doesn't like his employees who don't shower often. What a douche. Can't he understand that iPhone is not water resistant? *sighs*

Day 811 - I haven't payed rent in months cause I had to buy some of those 64 Gold PvP items. But they're surely paying off... kinda. I'm bellow 1% now, can't seem to pass it. Maybe I just need to... play... more...

Day 1332 - I've been homeless for almost two years now. Someone tried to steal my iPhone last night, just as I was winning. I went into Hulk rage and killed him with a crowbar. *twitches* PvP *twitches* must... win.

Day 2554 - I can finally see the end of it! I broke into someone's house to charge my iPhone. I think it's starting to die... Should've never bought iPhone... you need Nokia for 7 years of PvP. I have over 127,700 fights so far. *starts to shiver* Just few more hours... I'll set this alarm clock and take a little nap... it's so warm here... and I'm so hungry...

Day 2556 - I HAVE SLEPT FOR TWO DAYS! I ENDED UP IN SILVER! I lost control over my body... so weak now...


Loney tombstone, somewhere on city cemetary.

Here lies

"Agent Kewl900"

A PvP player for 7 years

Marvel Playdom Corporation wants to thank him for his contributions to MAA community.

Eventhough he made it only to Silver.


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