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PvE portion of the game is something we all play and don't pay much attention to it, unless it's something related to CP sweetspots or some great customized weapons. So, this blog post will focus on heroes that are worth recruiting for PvE, for various reasons. Let's get started with heroes required for Premium missions and unlocking Epic bosses.

Hulk (90 CP)

Hulk World War Unlocked
Hulk is required to unlock Premium Mission in Chapter 1. He's also a team-up in 8.1. and a deploy requirement in 4.2., 8.2. and 10.5.

Since of his recent update, Hulk stacks Hulk Ups faster than before. If you're going to buy his alt, I recommend sticking with bruiser class. High crits on L1, Deadly crits on L2, AoE stun with L9... not bad at all. Hulk Up for higher damage and accuracy helps a lot, too. Combine that with Warbringer buff from his alt uniform, and you have a monster on a leash.

His premium mission drops Gamma Booster and Gamma Gadget. More info on them once I get them, I haven't really farmed for any so far.

Black Cat (23 CP)

Black Cat Claws Unlocked

Spider-Man (90 CP)

Spider-Man Black Suit Unlocked

Storm (48 CP)

Storm Classic Unlocked

Wolverine (90 CP)

Wolverine Brown-and-Tan Unlocked

War Machine (48 CP)

War Machine Iron Patriot Unlocked

Luke Cage (23 CP)


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