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  • Shizoida

    PvE portion of the game is something we all play and don't pay much attention to it, unless it's something related to CP sweetspots or some great customized weapons. So, this blog post will focus on heroes that are worth recruiting for PvE, for various reasons. Let's get started with heroes required for Premium missions and unlocking Epic bosses.

    Hulk is required to unlock Premium Mission in Chapter 1. He's also a team-up in 8.1. and a deploy requirement in 4.2., 8.2. and 10.5.

    Since of his recent update, Hulk stacks Hulk Ups faster than before. If you're going to buy his alt, I recommend sticking with bruiser class. High crits on L1, Deadly crits on L2, AoE stun with L9... not bad at all. Hulk Up for higher damage and accuracy helps a lot, …

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  • Shizoida

    So, before anyone starts panicking, this could be either a glitch in new MAA mobile version of game or a Photoshoped image. I don't know, I don't care and it's not even the point. Sit back and relax, cause this is just for fun. Okay? Okay.

    Day 1 - Oh, man, awesome! I just downloaded this new version of Marvel: Avengers Alliance on my iPhone. Now I can play it all the time. Hey, look, new PvP tournament started. Hah, it says it lasts for 2555 days. That's 7 years, man. Silly Playdom and their glitches. Probably more like 25. I have so much experience from my FB account, I'll just wipe the floor with everyone. *laughs*

    Day 19 - I have reached Adamantium, but I have hard time maintaing my rank. I gotta try harder. I'm not gonna give up now. Mayb…

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  • Shizoida

    I'm sure most of you noticed interesting trivia behind some of the hero ability names, for instance X-23's L6 ability, which references well-know song by Nancy Sinatra, "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'". Well, since there are probably more of those, I'm gonna list the ones I've noticed so far, and you can throw your ideas in comments. It's not of any real importance in game, but I'm bored, so let's dance. :D

    P.S. Lots of people on chat have joined in on collecting references and trivia behind hero ability names, so you're free to join as well. :)

    The Jungle - Named after the book; "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair
    War and Peace - Named after the book; "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy
    The Grapes of Wrath - Named after the book; "The Grapes of Wrath" …

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  • Shizoida

    Everybody's doing these, so here's mine.

    Day 0: Do not have internet access in your apartment/house when SO starts. Call your internet provider and yell at them to connect you finally because internet access is a basic human right. Cry a little because you're still not connected, and moving to a new place has taken your soul. Watch re-runs of The Big Bang Theory and cry a little bit more for every superhero reference.

    Day 1: Wake up the next morning and take your laptop to the nearest internet cafe. Realize you didn't bring your chord to plug in and your battery is at 40%. Read intro, collect 50 UISO, collect from allies. Win 5 fights in PvP, go to SO. Play fast. Clear first 5 tasks and be very proud of yourself. Start a research just when y…

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  • Shizoida

    Having faced lot of people who can't fathom the point of having a strategy in game, and whose only arguments are that some hero, weapon or gadget is "overpowered/underpowered", "cheated", "should be nerfed", I bring you The Ultimate Guide for Whiners.

    We have different types of whiners on various Playdom forums, Wiki threads and such. One of the things they have in common is, when facing an obstacle, they use whining instead of strategizing. Obstacles can be various - from heroes they can't defeat, to weapons and gadgets they can't acquire anymore.

    Let's clear some things first:

    • Every hero, no matter how strong he is, has a counter-hero who can take him down with more or less ease.
    • Every hero has good and bad sides. It's up to you to discover what…
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