So, I nabbed GR with one day to spare, and beat Mephisto for the final time, three-starring him. I tried for a two-bird, but didn't end up needing it. But that isn't the coolest part: I think I may have stumbled upon the triple-threat of defense!

Ghost Rider's Eye of Judgement + Black Widow's Revenge Tactics + Agent's Cooperative Defense!

For the purposes of this battle, I had BW as a Tactican for the extra turns. But once I level GR up to a competitive support tank, I think I'll start using Natasha's Avengers Infiltrator suit and get my PVP back up.

The fight with Mephisto was over pretty quick once I got this working, as Sin and Revenge neuter defense, WB stunted attack, and I packed an MFG, which was cooling down faster than I needed it to, a pleasent change of pace. I was able to end the fight with Penace doing 5k+ damage, and Flying Kick doing a reliable thousand per, which was doubled with the Tactican bonus turns, but i think i can get alot more with the Infiltrator Ruskie setting up Combos.?

Two things this needs to really take off: one, a high-level unarmed melee for my agent (I think Psychic Punch is my best right now) since Brawl isn't always timely; two, figuring out which melee weapon works best with this combo (it's down to the Sinflayer, the Soulfinder, and the Soulfire Blade).

All and all, a good day. In the words of Johnny Blaze: "Merry Christmas, you a$$holes!"

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